Sunday, August 19, 2012

What Will You Do When You Retire?

Layers of materials and meaning
My good friend, David Carris, is a financial planner, and he endures my frequent shaky question, "Will I ever really be able to finally retire" with good grace, reassuring me, but at the same time encouraging me to keep some money rolling in for the next 5-10 years.

I talk with my patients about what their plans or experiences of retirement might be...I have a built-in captive audience to question.

Collage faces, I'm making a bunch.

We often hear stories of the (especially man) who
retires, and then has the fatal heart attack.

Some of my audience have been retired for 
decades, and "have never been busier." 
Our town and many like us across the country
retire on their citizens' volunteerism to run animal shelters, visitor centers, food banks, arts events, and more.

Others may be financially secure, but don't have
a clue what to do with/for themselves, "I can't just sit
and watch TV all day."

Making Art for Joy!

Life Any age...requires a multitude of problem solving and thinking at many levels.

I know that what I want to be able to do is to make ArT all day, every day, but How do I get there from here?

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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Too Busy with NW Summer Fun!

Sea Stacks at Rialto Beach
Last weekend we had our two days of summer--over 90 degrees with bright sun.
That was nothing compared to most of the country for most of the summer to date, but we North Westerners aren't used to sweating...or even putting on shorts. 

Well, some of us don shorts for an unusual sunny winter day, but I haven't become THAT acclimated yet! I have worn a tee shirt or tank top a couple of times this summer.

A closer view of the sea stack, full-sized tree!

After fried clams outside by the salty Strait of Juan de Fuca, Anita and I drove in her red convertible west almost to the coast, to Rialto Beach, one of our MANY gorgeous beaches. I don't think I'd been there since the days before I moved to Washington and only came here for vacations. I haven't had much time for touring around since I arrived seven years ago.

Different types of stones at different beaches: Rialto

Although the beach was relatively crowded, there was still plenty of room to spread out...about 2 miles in length...and mounds of delightful rocks from which to make selections.

After reading THE LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS in book group, my summer porch flowers are marigolds (desire for riches--not too much, just enough) and zinnias for good friends.

Marigolds and Zinnias on my back deck

I heard the world-famous Lama Lena talk Tuesday night, and much of what she says is echoed by the books on brain function I've been devouring: there are many selves, to each person. We're not really sure where the We that is Us resides. Be aware, be aware of being aware...and her special message to me was, "It doesn't have to be hard."  And one of the things I like about Buddhists is that they don't take themselves...or Anything...Toooo seriously.

In the vein of "Too busy with summer fun to
post, I spent the previous weekend at 
This is a picture I took of myself on my 65th birthday
North Beach and Fort Worden Beach in 
Port Townsend, where I met brother, David,
as he picked up his pieces from the annual print show at Northwinds Gallery.

We had a Delightful lunch Outdoors at the
cafe where I had my birthday lunch and took this self-portrait in the ladies' room mirror.

David took the picture of me below, adding
his special effects...I DO LOVE the sunshine! That weekend, the last in July, was cool enough that we were amazed and delighted that we could eat comfortably outside. I had an outstanding smoked duck salad.

5 months after my birthday at North Beach

I used to be able to count on being able to lose weight in the summer, in preparation for gaining it back in the winter. Unfortunately, my sensual nature will not allow me to stop enjoying bountiful food treats. Fortunately, there was not a dessert on the menu that tempted us to partake.

The wind was filling up my shirt

When I turned 65, I decided that I wasn't willing to spend the time on make up it would take to look appreciably better, so I just gave it up! Anyone who loves me now, will have to love me for my Inner Beauty! And I saved at least 60 seconds getting ready for work in the morning.

In case you don't see my other blog, I'll post my three newest Hot Flash Women portraits below:

Barbara Houshmand: quilter, artist, former gallery owner

The pile of photographs to be painted keeps growing, as well as commitments to finishing my France: Romance fabric journal and some 3-D pieces for the Fiber Arts Festival in Sequim, the Hot Flash Round Robin Doll project, and arranging stones in my yard. I've also been wanting to try Paverpol for the last 3 summers.

Anna Wianko Chassman, artist, art therapist environmentalist.

A brief commercial message: I'll be teaching another session of the joyful HOT FLASH WOMAN class (six sessions, $65.00) and the ever-popular DOLL MAKING AS A TRANSFORMATIVE PROCESS (six sessions, $65.00) on Barb Kobe's site starting September 1, so rush over and sign up! Enough FUN to take you through the winter being happy you have to stay inside and create!

Jill Zarzeczny, naturalist, new home owner

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