Monday, October 10, 2016

I Don't Like Daylight Savings Time!

The huge willow north of my house, a sliver of my fence in the foreground. I love the Bright green, and in a few weeks I'll see the strait of Juan de Fuca through its bare branches.

I realize that time is elastic and sometimes an artificial construct, but I wish Bush the younger had just left our time alone. These long, long dark mornings, then relatively bright evenings just don't seem right, now that the cooler weather and darker, wetter days have begun.

Rosemary can grow into large bushes here, like in the Mediterranean. I'm trying again. Last time I planted one I was trying too hard to protect it from the deer, and also protected it from the sun. I'm told that the deer don't eat rosemary...we'll see.

Southeast corner of my back deck in the foreground. My back yard on a gray day, the sculpture I made with rebar, Paverpol, and rags has held up at least 3 winters. The plant in the lower right, Donkey-Tail Euphorbia, started babies ALL over my yard, so I'm starting to pull some out to preserve an area of rock. I still love to collect rocks.

So Many Interesting Things to Do! It took me a while to get into my new routine of being retired, but I am starting to enjoy it since last spring...and I think maybe getting my thyroid levels up to normal may have helped, too. I never had to take a prescription med before...except birth control, but I'm not doing too badly for close to 70...lots happier, too.

Beaded Pins, I made the backs yesterday...FUN to stitch and watch movies.

I am working more slowly now, enjoying all the processes more, taking time to run outside into the sun, read, make myself delicious meals, see friends...Katie and I will have a table at: A Holiday Handmade Fair at the Dungeness Grange on December 3. Come and see us to find Wonderful things at Reasonable, possibly ridiculously low prices.

See some of my Veterans pieces on my other blog at:


Blogger eileen2000 said...

Are any of your pins available for purchase anywhere online?

3:35 PM  
Blogger Barb Shillinger said...

I also collect rocks. Have you painted any? I've painted many as a part of Grays Harbor Rocks.

8:58 AM  

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