Wednesday, October 28, 2015

InfoGraphics and Data Visualization

I am taking a college course in Infographics and Data visualization...I'm finding my gaps in computer background very frustrating.




I used soft sculpture to illustrate my Visual Vocabulary words for the week.

I'm still trying to get one of the earlier assignments, a timeline of my creative life, to work. So far I put it on my FaceBook main page, but you have to click on the small triangle to open it.

I find that I am very stubborn about pursuing new learning until I GeT it...Stay Tuned.

Saturday, September 05, 2015

Sign up NOW for Doll Making as a Transformative Process Online

Doll Making as a Transformative Process Class Online. Sign up NOW, through the end of September for a 3-month online class with lots of pictures, lots of patterns, lots of personal attention from Pamela, and the opportunity to work with other artists from all over the world...Change your Life or Just Have Fun! Sign up at:

Talk it Up, Tell Your Friends...   

ALL will want to be in on this potentially Life-Changing, or at the very least Enjoyable Experience...I'll be posting new work as the class goes on, discussing anything and Everything that comes up. 

Anyone who signs up for this class will receive Free, Absolutely Free, a .pdf of my next eBook...100 Hot Flash Women, which will include the 100 portraits I've painted of ordinary/extraordinary women just like YOU! This class will be as In Person as I can get, since I won't be teaching any more actual In Person classes, and Chapter 7 deals with a topic that I'd rather not mention, but am forced to learn to face with JOY, rather than resignation: Aging.

Time, Time, Time

Bring a friend, or several, and JOIN TODAY! As the days get Shorter, there is More Time to Play inside.

Come Play with Me!

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

My first eBook is READY

                                                                                                                      My first eBook:

Please purchase on

Doll Making as a Transformative Process eBook
2015 Revised eBook version of the classic, first published in 2004 and now used over the world. Pamela has revised the entire book, based on her studies and teaching in the last decade, translating the original images into color and adding many more dolls and patterns from her more recent work. Now 148 pages, with color images of Pamela’s and others’ work on every page.

Work on transforming your self, your health, your relationships, your doll making, your world…or use the inspiring stories and examples to broaden your designs and try new approaches. There are now added paper dolls and wall pieces as an expansion of the doll making process.

I am going to redo my site and am scaling down my work to eBooks and Making Art, so please order through Barb’s site. Stay Tuned to what I’m doing through my blog:    Pamela

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

IS 70 the new 40???

I'm discovering the advantage to working in series  AND having a small artist support group that keeps me producing

I’m 68 years old, part of the Boomer Generation from which industries geared toward the denial of reality and the effects of gravity on flesh over time bring in billions from those determined to make 70 the new forty. As usual, I use reading to figure out what to expect from the next 20 or so years I might have left, the most daunting thought being that everything will just get more painful and annoying from here.

Sophie, #98 in my 100 Hot Flash Women Series
I realized while reading that I’ve just dumbly accepted the popular equation of age and decrepitude/no-reason-for-living, possibly because of too many years working in nursing homes. I don’t have to commit suicide after all…I can just keep riding along and see what happens next…a little more cumbersome and painful movement, a little less visual acuity, but I can keep going and maybe I’ll do something interesting, as long as I keep my brain exercised. I do have to restrict my joyous consumption of butter more and more, and spend at least an hour a day on serious exercise…walk up more hills. Can I release my natural delight in crabbiness and practice compassion? Or maybe just know that group activities are not usually my thing and keep working toward kindness, including toward my own flawed self.

Journal Page I did while suffering from a cold in April...Journal pages for mindless fun 

Let go of my boundary issues with my mother, my fantasies about hot sex…at least I have it to remember and I’m reading a book about late life romance. I can’t extinguish corporate greed, but maybe send an email to add a feather’s weight to the side of Good. I can make whatever I feel like making: quilts and clothes for myself for a change, wall pieces with tiny beading, paintings and collages…make space in the garage to store them, give them away, work small so they don’t take up too much space. Such unaccustomed freedom, no longer to have to obsess about money and how to get it is a gift. I can take my time cooking dinner, washing clothes, following threads online, watching the birds on my fence…experience the time I have with appreciation.

Two Women on a Beach2, inspired by a Thirties photo, a Notan Class and my Art Women Group
 I'm going to post the second half of this blog and more of my current art work on my other blog: Hot Flash Women   Since yesterday, my 4 brothers and I have made a plan to converge in Iowa in two weeks and help Mom move into a part of her facility where she'll receive more care.

I am not my mother, but I'm only 22 years younger than her almost 91. I'm working on making my nice one-story place with a small yard in town even easier for me to manage so I can continue to do All Art, All the Time. I'm working on a series on my family history and aging, so see more in my Hot Flash Women blog. Barb Kobe and her Computer-whiz son are helping me to whip the eBook version of Doll Making as a Transformative Process into shape, and we hope it will soon be available on Healing and Transformative Dolls, where many of my online classes are already available as eBooks.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

A Family Affair

With two blogs, I have difficulty at times deciding what to put where...then just difficulty both living AND posting about it. This blog has evolved somewhat into a friends and family post with the other for art work and fans of that.

I still haven't decided what I want to be when I grow up, but also HAVE decided that I don't have to narrow it down...Ever!

This has been an amazing and warm spring in NW Washington, and I'm grateful to have a big chunk of my family relatively close by and that we enjoy being together and are all great cooks.

Colorful Tin Art Construction at the Bainbridge Island Museum

Beau and Serene compete in the traditional Easter Egg Hunt

Great clouds over Ediz Hook, my favorite town beach

More clouds over Ediz

Serene and her proud parents share graduation from Western Washington University with a degree in product engineering

Serene torching the tops of lemon goodies at her graduation party

Even though I'm trying to stick to a budget, I could not resist ferrying to Seattle two weekends in a row, for Serene's graduation party and for Easter... Both great meals and an opportunity to hang with nice that they are all people who like and love each other!

Easter: David, Amal, Brian

Easter Goodies...SO DELICIouS!

Hugh and Connie

Serene doing some last-minute frosting application with Beau in the background. He hasn't cooked anything for us yet, but we did get to meet a large contingent of his family the weekend before.

Shannon and Chris and their girls are visiting Steve and Linda and Mom in Iowa...Steve says that Mom is loving feeding her second great granddaughter.

Life is Good!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Rolling Along: Sculptures with wheels

Spring seems to be a time of forward motion, and Spring has come early this year to the Olympic Peninsula. I’ve been editing my e-book edition of DOLL MAKING AS A TRANSFORMATIVE PROCESS and see the way I’ve noted trends in my own work.

I see a trend of figures on wheels…maybe a precursor to learning animation for my imaginary friends.

Where is she going in such a hurry with that silly grin on her face? Does she know something? Painting with words, 2006 or so, a life-time penchant for words and image

Speedy, Painted muslin body, sewn-on wheels, clay face, sold at a show at Port Angeles Fine Arts Center

Windsor House...Apoxie Sculpt made a lot of new arrangements possible 

Alphabet for a New Entity. Green wooden wheels, painted muslin body, 2014

This year I'm back to multi-media story-telling images, and wheels figure prominently--Kinetic art. But then who knows where the next flight of fancy will carry me!

Inspired by Ruth Ozeki novel. 2015

Overlapping translucent faces

Winter's Tale, Original drawing

finished piece with rescued metal piece

The rusty wheels were once a functional part of something?

Although I have been diligently working to downsize my possessions, that's a difficult thing for a mixed media artist. One never knows when something might come in handy. A rusty triangular car window frame that I saw on my last trip to Port Townsend...$3 seemed like a lot, but maybe just the thing for the Liquid Planet show at Pippa's this summer...hard to tell, and the mood must be right.

I just re-joined Pinterest and found a number of different approaches to the figure with wheels really appeal to me. Will I have to go back to learning welding? Who knows where these wheels will take me???