Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Travel is broadening...Holly's Wedding in VT

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As well as the two blogs on Blogspot, I have two on One for class work at Peninsula College and one for my Graphic Grannies comix...Eventually I'll get all this stuff coordinated. My brother, David, a Seattle graphic designer and artist has been a great inspiration to me to get more tech savvy.

In the mean time, some photos from our trip to SC and VT...Inspiring to be back home, see family and friends, look at ART, be inspired, eat very well.

Our cousin, Holly's wedding. Holly in her purple dress with both sons
Me and cousin Bob...who went from toddler to grandpa in what seems like a very short time

David and Uncle Bill...some kids never grow up!

Arlene, Bill, Me...Bill is only 15 years older than I am...and another March baby.
My purple socks

David's purple socks

Can you tell there was a purple theme? Arlene made the cake

Uncle Bill says, "time goes quickly whether you're having fun or not...might as well have fun."

Monday, August 15, 2016

Just Keep Working

I was finishing this post on the day I left for SC and VT, so just slapped the images up in a hurry. It was a wonderful trip. Now that I'm home, I'll add captions. See pictures from my trip on my other blog: 

Wisdom from beyond the grave

I subscribed to many years ago when Robert Genn was alive, and I still receive the emails today, with his daughter, Sara, carrying on the tradition.

This week’s message was about finding yourself again in art/writing, though it can easily apply to all forms of art work and creativity, and starting, as well as getting back to the work.

Children seem to find an uncensored joy in creating that can be snuffed by parents or teachers who see the time spent playing with creativity
I've been doing a series of mixed media nudes based on life drawings I've done

The 12" x 12" size and relatively cheap materials allow me to play and experiment without worrying about waste

A sculpture I did from a sketch in one of my books, 14" tall

I continue to be attracted to using soft sculpture to express movement

A 3" version of one of the nudes above. As an exercise, I'm using small layering experiments as a base for the nudes
as wasted…as some of the members of my book group didn’t understand how Patti and Robert could find inspiration sitting on a bed together drawing and playing with trash, words, ideas…

“…You destroyed your stuff because your discipline was external. You must now internalize your discipline. Actually, this adolescent action-reaction is commonplace. While many flames are permanently snuffed, they need not be. Some folks figure it out and end up loving again.
Here’s how they do it:
Allocate a writing hour for every single day
Write whatever holds your interest or takes your fancy
If you can’t think of anything to write, write anyway.
Work for no other reason than to give yourself joy.
Bring in the wisdom of all your fallow or waste.
In your spare time read the admired writing of others.
When you think you’re getting it right, rewrite it.
Share your efforts only with a trusted friend.
Look for the gleams of personal style and go there.
Allow yourself to fall in love with the process.
Archive your work for your benefit as you go.
Give this program some honest effort for a six week period
I’ll swear on half  a dozen early editions of Webster’s Dictionary                                                                         That you will find yourself again.

In my recent Urge to Purge, I need to NOT throw away too much.
Robert’s advice applies to any creative or driven person
I was reminded today in reading Vermont Life
The mycologist who makes his living as a lawyer
My years working in health care…
I kept quitting each time I stockpiled enough money
To work on my art til the money ran out…
That was an old craft fair joke
I guess I’m lucky that I stayed with the Day Job
Til I could afford to retire at the end of 2013
Now my job is full-time artist

But in not having too much junk accumulated
Like my raised-by-the-Depression mother
I must keep enough
To remind me
Of who I am.

Off to Vermont...More detail next week.

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Don't Worry, Be Happy

 Wanting to make my two blogs slightly different...and so excited about regaining my connectivity from yesterday...I've added the skating figures I made several years ago to this post of the skater I finished yesterday to post something new. in the drawing for this figure, there were features, lines in the hair, and stripes on the clothes.

I think the shape is expressive without colors...and I made the body from a white-on-white print, in stead of muslin, which takes acrylic paint well. Unlike my usual Jump Right In habit, I actually tested the acrylic on a scrap of the fabric and it ran like the new figure is not painted.

To see the actual post for yesterday, go to my other blog:

Monday, August 01, 2016

Art Friends and Identity

1. Doll made with fabric I marbleized at Jan Dove's studio

Side view, beaded face and hair

Outsider Artists
Don’t need feedback
But I do

Well, maybe not Need,
But Like/Appreciate
Especially when it’s Positive,
“I like that, Keep Going!

Mixed media nude from one of my life drawings. The red is from the painting underneath

A smaller version of the same pose, done over experiments with Crackle Medium by Golden

It’s good to cultivate friends
Those younger,
Who can give us rides
And an insight into the latest

Artist friends (all kinds)
Who are serious about
Their own work

2. Doll made from second piece of marbleized fabric

Close up: quilting

So they can give
Good, supportive criticism
And inspire me with
Their own Amazing work

Meeting today
With blackberry pie
An investment in my
“Golden” years

A person has to
Plan Ahead

Small version of another nude

Mixed media 3" I AM
 We four may have
Started Something
Today...or at least we
talked with others
who understand us.

3. starting a wall piece with my first piece of marbelizing

Finished piece: Messages to Women, Messages to Artists, Messages to Me

Mixed media 12"

Mixed Media: Passion Fire

MIxed media, 12" Not quite finished

Monday, July 25, 2016

Rialto Beach with Katie and Mike

Cloudy, misty, foggy, rainy....BUT blue holes appearing
 We've been planning this trip for a while. It's not easy to find all of us free for a day. It had been sunny and bright for my trip to the Seattle Art Museum  the previous day with Jan and Steve. Overcast mornings often clear into sunny afternoons here in the Northwest.

I kept Insisting that the weather would clear...even though I didn't quite believe it...should have had more faith in myself...good lesson.

Mike is my Tai Chi Teacher

He says that some day I will be able to do the forms on pebbles, as he beautiful!

Sea stacks emerging
Rialto Beach in Fog 7/22/16
 I knew I needed to live near salt water
Finally moved here in 2005

Weather changing slowly

Sea stacks gradually became more visible...I kept assuring Mike and Katie that the sun would come out

Good friends make this HOME!

Textured base of large tree that has been in salt water a long time. I'm collecting textures to layer in PhotoShop

Dried seaweed to draw

We arrived in a rainy/misty sort of thing that is common in the Northwest...we don't mind, the weather keeps us hydrated

Selfie with wet hair and sea stacks starting to come out of the mist

Katie planned our trip around a minus tide, black satiny rocks

We could have almost walked to these stacks, but might have had to wait 12 hours for next low tide 

I could just stand staring at the water, hearing it, smelling it--for hours on end.
I'm ready to go back
Rialto is about a 2-hour drive from my house...
the time went so quickly!

Gourmet pizza at Pacific Pizza in Forks...YUM!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Use the Good Stuff!

Jan Dove, with new work on silk...She led us in a mini marbleizing Workshop

Making things instead of saving
Marbleized Fabric
Jan’s studio
Women together, making things
The magic of ink on heavy water

Doll silhouette in tiny beads, beaded hair

Second piece of marbleized fabric: Shoulders

First marbleized piece waiting for more fabric and stitching

But I said I wasn’t going to accumulate anything more!

I designed 3 pieces, one to use each of the pieces of marbleized fabric I made...
Shows do serve their purpose
Finish for the Fiber Arts Festival in Sequim at the beginning of October.

Monday, July 11, 2016

What is the Point of Making Art?

My back yard, 7/16. I've been building it...with the help of nature...since 2006

What is the point of making Art?
Does it require a purpose
Beyond  helping to make
Our lives and our consciousness
Of self

July close flowers from downtown PA

The brightest yellow, the richest purples
The air quivering with bees
They seem to know
I’ve build this place
For us.

I'm collecting images to use as...

Photoshop layers...when I get time