Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving on a Stick: Thankful Every Day

I am sitting here in my bow window, being buffeted by wind and rain (but a warm Pineapple Express 50 degrees) thankful for my warm, tight home, my computer to connect me to the world as we know it, and my creative family and friends.

We have been inspired by David's partner, Brian, for the last 4 years or so to do themed Thanksgivings. This year's was Thanksgiving On A Stick. Early Thursday morning, I put the turkey into the oven...wait til you see turkey on a stick.

People who marry into, or otherwise become attached to the Hastings Family may think that we are unduly preoccupied by FOOD, but find themselves drawn into our unending celebration of one of the delightful necessities of life.

In a family of artists, is this not the ultimate art form?

David, stringing fresh green beans onto skewers, and the finished beans topped with mushroom soup, chantrelles, and onion

Brian joined the family
as mostly a non-cook, and look how fancy his cranberry sauce on a stick is! With Deb looking on admiringly. She did dried fruit dipped in her special chocolate on sticks. The frozen slices of cranberry are layered with whipped cream cheese, mayo, and walnuts--Delicious!

David's brilliant tomato coulis, to compliment his corn casserole on a stick, that I showed you last bears repeating, and I still have a few in my

The crowd swells, Hugh, with his Hastings, Nebraska sweat shirt, and Brian celebrating UNI, where our paths might have crossed.

David and Amal took knitting breaks, as we did tag team food prep. Thankfully, the kitchen/dining room/living room are all attached, with plenty of room for people to work on different food and art projects as well as converse. David is making a series of incredibly cute baby hats with his leftover yarn. Our niece, Shannon, is expecting another generation in February.

Serene, still attracted to the desserts, of course. There is more room to circulate without my Big Doll in the living room for the first year in several. She lives in the garage now, wrapped in plastic, longing for a good home and company.

Hugh's stuffing on a stick, with David's corn casserole balls in the background...must have ANOTHER!

Hugh carving, the organic turkey from Country Aire, which next year will be in the old Gottshalks building...and next year I'm going to try brining the turkey...inspired by David Carris, Montpelier, VT. I like the 450 degrees for 15 min to start, through the contents of a cheap bottle of white wine inside, and I think 13 min/pound...15 was too long.

Anita's fruit on a stick...wish the picture I took of her bringing in the bouquet of little cakes on sticks had turned out. She also did an arrangement of brussel sprouts. Next year I'll be careful to get a good picture of the woman, as well as her food creations.

Shennanigans around the Thai turkey balls--good recipe, and thanks to David, for the idea.

Thayer, in the background, working on his artful salad.

We'll make a chef out
of him well as an international journalist.

I told him that good writing runs in the family...also a taste and talent for excellent cooking.

My loaded plate...don't you wish you could have been here???

Our niece, Serene, has long been a mistress of the sweets, here, being supervised by her mom, as she makes elegant chocolate, covered by cheese cake, and dipped in chocolate, cakes on a stick, delicious, as well as beautiful. I think I overheard her telling Anita that she is now thinking about architecture or civil engineering...not medicine or cake decorating.

A NW rainbow in the late afternoon (diagonally from upper left to center). And the traditional game of May I, that we older ones used to play with Grandpa Hastings, and Brian played in his family. The hands to left and right of me belong to Thayer and David, those long Hastings fingers.

May we all enjoy to the fullest the special
moments with family and friends, spread throughout the year!


Sunday, November 20, 2011

WHY MR. RIGHT CAN'T FIND YOU and other consequences of time crunching

I am lucky enough to have a job that I like, in which I can meet and often help interesting people. It's just that there are only so many hours in each day, and as I get older, time seems to be constantly speeding up. Working for two has put a bite on my blogging as well as my art-making time.

When I moved to the Left Coast, I thought I was willing to give up Everything for Art Time...even if no one ever wanted to buy...but I find that I enjoy a roof over my head, and I have Pledged to myself to at the very least put brush to canvas on the weekends.

Sorry, no photos of my current works in progress for you yet, but I do have this photo that I lifted from brother, David, of his famous Corn Casserole, ON A STICK...the theme for this year's Thanksgiving feast. More Later, I promise, with 4 days
Off in a Row!!! PS...the title is from a book that Angie loaned
me, with some good advice about Relationships and finding Mr. R, not that I am sure that I want to, but...I need to get out more!