Sunday, November 08, 2009

Portrait Update

Here's the latest on the Shannon and Chris portrait. I can still see some things to change...Fascinating! I know that drawing every day, painting every day are the best ways to get better at the job. Too many interests, and too little time! But I love weekends! Two days in a row for exploring. I watched a DVD on Alice Neel, great 20th Century American portrait artist, and got inspired by watching her style of painting to start an alternative style portrait.

Instead of carefully graphing and translating the original photo to canvas, I jumped into painted outlines, with less of a concern with accuracy and more with the feeling of the painting. It will be interesting to see how this one compares.

I'd like to write for a grant to do a portrait show, combined with stories from the people in the paintings...I've put it on my life time list of things to do.

There are tricks of paint and eye/hand skill honing that comes with practice--painting, playing piano, or sports.

This weekend I've also been working on a new kind of mixed media figure that could make a good class for Art_Is_You in CT in October, 2010. Also, Kris Cornell, of Quilted Strait will be moving her store to historic Port Gambol and told me "Yes, please plan on teaching some classes in the new store in the spring." It will be easier for my fans from Seattle to get to, so watch for spring classes in doll making...maybe some small wall hangings, too.

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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Portrait Update

I worked on the portrait of Shannon and Chris yesterday and today, and made some effective changes, based on feedback from my meditation group. After working so intensively, it's difficult to see clearly.

I wish I'd remember to photograph it outside, so I don't get the glare and distortion. Professional photography is definitely worth while, but I like the step-by-step documentation.

It was sunny today after what seemed like days of rain, and the sun is like a stiff dose of caffeine in getting my creative juices flowing.

I started some new pieces for the Port Angeles Fine Arts Center Christmas show, and took a walk down on the Waterfront trail. The cooler, darker weather makes me want to cook and LOTS of walking is vital.