Friday, January 11, 2008

January Evening

An answer to Linda Rhinehart in Alabama, the email that grew.

"It's Friday after work, and I'm finally sitting down to answer email. I really like writing and sharing my thoughts and pictures with friends like you all over the world. I had this afternoon off from my regular job, except for having to go back and make one more splint. There were a few moments of sun and 50-degree weather as I walked from one end of downtown to the other, buying yet more books and art supplies, and getting excited about planning a tiny Valentine book class for February 12th here in PA at Art Supplies Unlimited."

I can't seem to pass Port Book and News, or William James Booksellers in Port Townsend, without adding a few new and used books to my collection. I was excited to find a scientific book on dreaming, as I'm fascinated by all the many amazing things human minds can do and create. I start my journaling each morning with as much as I can remember from my dreams. It's interesting to see the reoccuring symbollism and how my subconscious is working on problems and events from the day before. How can we ever run out of ideas when we have our own minds and perceptions to tap?

I took my camera with me to Seattle last Saturday to take more blog pictures of the city in shades of gray and my brother's birthday party at the Salvadoran Bakery, but, alas, my battery was dead, and I should have noticed and recharged it after taking lots of pictures of my painting series for what I think will be my next book: A MOMENT OF PURE JOY ON AN ORDINARY DAY, named after my painting. The book will include paintings I've done since I've moved here, with writing, and individually-decorated covers. Probably a limited edition.

I'm back to having Tuesdays off again, in addition to weekends, so they are quickly over-filled with projects and aspirations. This week, in spite of snow warnings over Eaglemount (home of the FANTASTIC naive art motel) I went to Port Townsend to talk with printers, who will be sending me quotes for printing the next books (I have at least 4 planned and started).

I asked the group in Ottawa if I can come and teach there in late June or early July instead of February, so I can combine that with a trip to Nova Scotia and probably at least NY and VT to see friends and maybe teach a class or two.

BIG EXCITING NEWS!!! I'm talking with Gwen Gibson about teaching for a week in the summer of 2009 at her chateau in France! The pictures from her site just got my creative juices flowing...Oh the colors and textures!!
Check out:

I can't believe how many side trips I make in the process of getting Anywhere! I keep telling my patients to cut down on repetitive stress injuries by changing tasks every 30 minutes or so, but I'm taking it to an Extreme!

Anyway, I'll have more pictures for you before too long. Stay Tuned!