Monday, November 14, 2016

Wake Up, Don't Give Up!

Pre-Election collage/drawing

It has been almost a week, and I'm going through the classic stages of Mourning. Listening to CBC instead of NPR...helps to get a bit of distance.

The latest issue of Union of Concerned Scientists magazine was published before the election results were in, but it's pretty hopeful about the East Coast, West Coast (and CA is as big as a country) making significant progress in providing solar power access to middle class and low-income. CBC says that maybe the rest of the world can make up for any additional coal mines in US...we haven't been very good about international agreements historically. New requirements for trucks to become more energy efficient is hopeful because it saves both the environment and bottom-line money.

Post-election, Leonard Cohen's death, Focus on Compassion  11.11.16
Focusing on negatives and stress only lets the dark side win yet another victory. Stay Open, Stay Aware, Look for Opportunities to Effect/Affect Change.

Make Art and reach out to others. Supporters of both ends of the voting public want major changes in our you probably know, my candidate of choice didn't even get to run. Corporations seem to still have the most power and perhaps we can work to induce some sense... for more artistic responses to stress.


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