Monday, September 19, 2016

Fall is Coming...More Hours for Art Work

Signs of fall approaching: the willow that blocks my view of the Strait is changing color toward yellow

As I think I've said before, the dark days ( 9/21-3/21) give me more time to work in my studios--my whole house is studio space--once I'm not so tempted to just be outside in our gorgeous NW.

I keep adding more projects, and am therefore more scattered in my work habits...

Beaded Ancestor Pin

Raw-edged ancestor pin that I invented last night
I'm working on projects longer, trying to get things right, without being toooo fussy. When I'm lucky, the project will work for more than one purpose, such as pins for my POD Ancestor.Making book which will be available on Amazon, and sales items for the holiday show I'm doing with Katie, in early December...more information as the date draws closer.

See the other things I've been working on at my other blog:

Start thinking about projects for the dark days. Get a group of friends together for parallel play!


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