Monday, August 29, 2016

Travel: Through Time, Space, Culture

Steve, LInda, Shannon in the home of Bar B Que and Grits
I am always grateful when my youngest brother, David, organizes a trirp and says, "Let's Go" because he always plans every detail beautifully. Last summer the whole family was in Iowa, where our parents ended up, because Dad wanted to be in the middle of the country to photo trains on each edge. While we all worked to move Mom into a smaller and more manageable residence, Steve and LInda were doing double duty to clean out the house where our parents and then Steve and Linda and their girls had lived for over 50 years.

Mirrored time house in a Botanical Garden...I didn't gain THAT much weight, though it was tempting

Different organizations sponsored various types of tiny for kids

The HIve was constructed of artfully-arranged pieces of 2x4, made lovely shadow patterns

David with a spikey tree  in the greenhouse...what an interesting texture

LInda with peaches...peach season in the Carolinas. I found watermelon rind pickles here

David spoiled me for taking pictures...his are so much better than mine...and I find myself wanting to Experience, instead of photograph. We had SO MUCH great food! and I didn't even document much of it.

Steve and Linda's daughter, Shannon, her husband, Chris made a boiled dinner for us with seafood and corn on the cob instead of the traditional New England corned beef and cabbage...theirs was Delish!

Steve and Linda are really enjoying their grandparents role, since they had to work when their girls were small

Classic Southern...lots of tasty grease

Sweet Tea...another classic Southern. We had a 12-year-old seat mate on the plane from Seattle to Charlotte. She bemoaned the lack of proper sweat tea on the Alaska cruise she had just taken with her father and grandparents

Steve and Linda did not neglect the cultural aspects of our visit...a plantation in Charlotte...

Steve took us to see a huge flea market, new housing developments, countryside, coffee places, and tons of food. It was really nice to be with family that we don't/won't see much any more...and the two oldest of our grand nieces...cuteness runs in that side of the family for sure!

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