Monday, July 25, 2016

Rialto Beach with Katie and Mike

Cloudy, misty, foggy, rainy....BUT blue holes appearing
 We've been planning this trip for a while. It's not easy to find all of us free for a day. It had been sunny and bright for my trip to the Seattle Art Museum  the previous day with Jan and Steve. Overcast mornings often clear into sunny afternoons here in the Northwest.

I kept Insisting that the weather would clear...even though I didn't quite believe it...should have had more faith in myself...good lesson.

Mike is my Tai Chi Teacher

He says that some day I will be able to do the forms on pebbles, as he beautiful!

Sea stacks emerging
Rialto Beach in Fog 7/22/16
 I knew I needed to live near salt water
Finally moved here in 2005

Weather changing slowly

Sea stacks gradually became more visible...I kept assuring Mike and Katie that the sun would come out

Good friends make this HOME!

Textured base of large tree that has been in salt water a long time. I'm collecting textures to layer in PhotoShop

Dried seaweed to draw

We arrived in a rainy/misty sort of thing that is common in the Northwest...we don't mind, the weather keeps us hydrated

Selfie with wet hair and sea stacks starting to come out of the mist

Katie planned our trip around a minus tide, black satiny rocks

We could have almost walked to these stacks, but might have had to wait 12 hours for next low tide 

I could just stand staring at the water, hearing it, smelling it--for hours on end.
I'm ready to go back
Rialto is about a 2-hour drive from my house...
the time went so quickly!

Gourmet pizza at Pacific Pizza in Forks...YUM!


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