Monday, June 13, 2016

Enjoying Where I Am!

People from all over the world come to my neighborhood for vacations. I am so very lucky to be living close to mountains and beaches in a place where I can afford to maintain a 1700 square foot home with a view of Canada (when the leaves are off the trees). Three of my brothers and their families live in Seattle, so I have the benefit of places to stay in the city. They also enjoy country get aways with me.

Rocks at Murdoch beach

Low tide at Murdoch Beach

When Hugh's wife had a singing in Oklahoma (the state) this weekend, he came over for a visit, and we fit in a whole group of local sights. Katie, Jan, and Diane had already planned to go to Murdoch or Round Rock beach on Saturday, so Hugh drove us to search for the perfectly round (like a hardball) and hot dog-shaped rocks mostly found in this one place. We each found some, Jan took photos, and we went on to the beach at the mouth of the Elwah, where sediment from the dam removal is creating a constantly-changing landscape.

Beside the trail, I discovered one of the famous PA painted rocks, like a watermelon

 Beside the path I saw an unusual bit of color and discovered it was one of the famous painted Port Angeles Rocks. I understand that there's a Facebook for them: Paint, place, document. Our many flat smooth rocks make great canvases.

Tree stump well-smoothed by years of water and sand

In spite of the mixed clouds and sun, Hugh and I went to Hurricane Ridge the next day, the other end of the height spectrum, from sea level to a mile high. unlike another June when we visited, there were only scattered patches of snow...I worry about drinking water for the coming summer.

Me above the clouds, many wildflowers, lupins, paintbrush beside the trail

A patch of snow remaining in a north-facing hollow. the strip of light blue is the Strait of Juan de Fuca

Hugh looking out over the peaks...some snow there, but not as much as usual

Being above the clouds is pretty amazing

Check out your own neighborhood...what wonders can you discover?


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