Monday, June 06, 2016

The Habit of Work...Taking it Easy

Small beaded pins give me something to do while I watch movies. 

Work is a habit, especially when it’s not a necessity for physical survival. I did learn good writing habits in my years of working in health care. There everything has to be documented, so one just sits down and does it…revising later as necessary. It's easier to revise something one can see than to make it all up from scratch.

Fabric journal to use up the extra pages I made. Doug likes it and Hugh and David want one, too.

I have gotten away from blogging this spring…what is the purpose, after all, and  to whom am I addressing my rambles…is it to generate customers, and if so, for what? I lost track of what my product might be. When I do Branding, what is the purpose? Doesn’t the world already have way too much Stuff! What is my brand…maybe life-long artist who can’t stop making things, who wants to disassociate brand from money…a true Outsider Artist.

Binding pages with heavy thread and beads

As I’ve discovered previously, my product is me, the ephemeral ideas, images, and books…since I can’t seem to stop producing. Creating books out of electrical impulses…my mind to yours. If I have a legacy, it has to be this: sparking ideas in others, mostly women, to have courage, go ahead and try the Thing that you want to do…small steps to bigger ones.

Yet another Icon...see my book Icons and Angels on Amazon Kindle...the ideas keep coming

I still do love stitching pieces of fabric together, so I’ll try to have some of that to show you every week or from time to time. I’m working on a series of tiny beaded pins…to use up my beads, to have something to do with my hands as I watch movies, just purely to continue to make things. I’m also working on a doll that was a drawing in one of my many notebooks, and drawing and writing in my notebooks…Writing as therapy.

Potato Rolls for Doug's Birthday Party...Each one looks different from all the others...the Art of Baking!


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