Monday, May 30, 2016

Making up for lost time

I am a person who loves to have projects…in fact I may need projects in order to survive. For many years, I’ve carried on a job plus a business, plus making Art…And now that I’m 69 with no work obligations and no desire to crowd my garage with products that will only have to be disposed of when I’m gone…there are times I feel at a loss for things to do.

My most recent book on Kindle, 30 pages of project prompts and examples

What a gift to discover that my state, like many others, offers a significant discount to citizens over 50 who want to audit a college course, if the instructor agrees. Actually I audited a philosophy course and a pattern-drafting course when I was just a kid in my forties, living in Burlington, VT. Then last summer, at LD Lawrence’s gallery in Sequim, a chance meeting with Renne Brock-Richmond got me going on my current college career…Learning the computer graphics that my age and major did not allow me to study in college…a lot of this stuff was invented long after my punch-card compute-big-as-a-room college days. 

My first book on Amazon Kindle, using Adobe Illustrator learning to do the cover

Using a creative open mind, no possibility is ever totally lost. It has been really, really difficult to wrap my mind around the language and ever-changing styles of Infographics, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and digital layering and shaping…But the greatest of brain exercise…and it fits into a tiny flash drive I can carry in my purse! Brain calisthenics builds connections…and this quarter I’m seeing results with two Making books published on Amazon Kindle and the revised version of Doll Making as a Transformative Process on CreateSpace.

I encourage my readers to grab your dreams and forge them into your realities.

My big project for last summer, building upon my best-known book, now available for Printing on Demand at Amazon


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