Monday, June 06, 2016

Charting my Path for 2016

A new, less realistic direction in painting, Kathie

I've been busy at this end of 2015, therefore no posts here since October.  A new, less realistic, direction in painting. The 100 Hot Flash Women series that kept me going in my last years of working in Healthcare is completed and will be displayed January-March 2016 at the Port Angeles Library. Be sure to come by for the opening on Friday, January 8th 6-9pm at the library--or visit our fabulous library while the show is up.

I'm moving into a slightly different approach to painting, adding collage and mixed media. I may even bring myself to use the larger canvases I've been hoarding. I seem to do better with people I don't know as well. I just started one of a group of people at Ediz...reminds me of a scene from a Bergman movie.

Hugh and Connie...I'm happier with the earlier portrait of Kathie

Another thrust has been working with some of the treasure trove of photos Mom had under her bed in the old apartment. How do we pass along our stories? What will be important to future generations? Shouldn't everyday history (as in my portraits of non-famous women) matter to subsequent humans? I've been doing a series of fiber/mixed wall hangings to celebrate my own and my ancestors' histories, as well as a round-robin fabric journal project...I'm making a duplicate set for myself or any of the nieces and nephew who show interest.


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