Monday, August 01, 2016

Art Friends and Identity

1. Doll made with fabric I marbleized at Jan Dove's studio

Side view, beaded face and hair

Outsider Artists
Don’t need feedback
But I do

Well, maybe not Need,
But Like/Appreciate
Especially when it’s Positive,
“I like that, Keep Going!

Mixed media nude from one of my life drawings. The red is from the painting underneath

A smaller version of the same pose, done over experiments with Crackle Medium by Golden

It’s good to cultivate friends
Those younger,
Who can give us rides
And an insight into the latest

Artist friends (all kinds)
Who are serious about
Their own work

2. Doll made from second piece of marbleized fabric

Close up: quilting

So they can give
Good, supportive criticism
And inspire me with
Their own Amazing work

Meeting today
With blackberry pie
An investment in my
“Golden” years

A person has to
Plan Ahead

Small version of another nude

Mixed media 3" I AM
 We four may have
Started Something
Today...or at least we
talked with others
who understand us.

3. starting a wall piece with my first piece of marbelizing

Finished piece: Messages to Women, Messages to Artists, Messages to Me

Mixed media 12"

Mixed Media: Passion Fire

MIxed media, 12" Not quite finished


Blogger eileen2000 said...

I really like the addition of the beaded work in the dolls (and the collage in the paintings). I also love your little beaded pins. Bead work is very soothing to me.

8:58 PM  

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