Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Fall Company...where did the summer go?

Dungeness Spit, 5 miles to the light house, adding 13 feet of spit a year

I am discovering that the amount of daylight here is acceptable to me
from Equinox (March 21) to Equinox (September 21).
I am a creature of light, going out to my yard (small but intense)
when light and temperature are right…whether it’s in the middle of the day or not.

Purple and green, the colors of my home, wildlife refuge on the way to the spit

Time to start preparing for the dark days, the gray skies, the early night.
While at the same time soaking up as much sun as possible.
Hugh and Connie came to visit...
his last free weekend before Thanksgiving (he'll be appearing in Lion, Witch, and Wardrobe at Children's Theater in Seattle through the end of the year, then starting another show)

Colorful canoes in the sun at Lake Crescent

We began enjoying themed Thanksgivings ten years ago, and usually
Brian and David are in charge of the theme.
This year they are in the middle of selling and moving again
Connie came up with, “bring something you remember from holidays
Of your youth.
Brain says, “Good, it can be something in a can.”

Merymer Falls in the Olympic National Park

My famous mac and cheese, salmon, salad, cards, blackberry pie for dessert

Sorry about the lateness of this week's post. Happy that this is the place my family wants to come for some of their time off. Summer doesn't really end until the fall Equinox...EnJoY!


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