Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Blessed Solstice to All!

This will probably be my shortest post... and the only one without an image. On this longest, darkest night of the year, please join me in celebrating the return of the sun and light...and all our blessings of health, love, and creativity. We all need to be loving family to one another...and our own selves in the dark days, in order to come out into the light and bounty of the sunny days again. Let's all do what we can to make this world a better place for ALL!

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Opportunity and Focus

After a 12-hour work day yesterday, today presented the opportunity to be free with unaccustomed daylight and time available to me...but What to Do??? How to spend these precious gifts? I drove around, thought about beaches and/or food that I might like, and decided I was well-supplied already--with delicacies from my Book Group Party Monday night, and two pails of white rocks still in my garage, waiting to be arranged. I keep one smooth rock in the pocket of my lab coat at work.

How do we define ourselves? I've immersed myself so thoroughly in this new 5-day a week schedule at work, I sometimes forget that I define myself as an artist/writer/reader/thinker, and not as an OT. How to take advantage of unexpected gifts, this late afternoon/evening when I have enough energy left to think, "what shall I do?"

You are the beneficiaries of this extra spurt of creativity. I pledged to myself to put paint on canvas at least once a week, and so I am learning to spend more time on each painting, staging them from week to week. The one up top seems to be finished, from a photo Loel Annie Barr took--all those geometric lines and planes and colors I love, although I don't have the patience to make the lines perfectly. The implied story of the 2 men.

The second one is of Doug and Amal from a photo I took last
Christmas morning...I did a green under painting, and am fascinated to see the forms start to develop, the relationship the three-dimensionality.

My best job has always been working for myself...too bad it doesn't pay. I don't want to work on marketing...I just want to keep making Art...and seeing what comes out. That's my identity and my quest, so I try to maintain grateful awareness of my job.

Last picture: me, in Ballard with David H last January, enjoying a fried lunch of onion rings and calamari. Seize the day, Grasp the moment, Enjoy the hell out of all the good stuff and take the rest a moment at a time. Maybe David C and I will get a successful business going, teaching others like us how to survive the coming retirement years in style...even though they may be quickly slipping further and farther into the future. Start building the Perfect Moments now! Better than money in the bank...although money is certainly nice, too.