Thursday, April 16, 2015

A Family Affair

With two blogs, I have difficulty at times deciding what to put where...then just difficulty both living AND posting about it. This blog has evolved somewhat into a friends and family post with the other for art work and fans of that.

I still haven't decided what I want to be when I grow up, but also HAVE decided that I don't have to narrow it down...Ever!

This has been an amazing and warm spring in NW Washington, and I'm grateful to have a big chunk of my family relatively close by and that we enjoy being together and are all great cooks.

Colorful Tin Art Construction at the Bainbridge Island Museum

Beau and Serene compete in the traditional Easter Egg Hunt

Great clouds over Ediz Hook, my favorite town beach

More clouds over Ediz

Serene and her proud parents share graduation from Western Washington University with a degree in product engineering

Serene torching the tops of lemon goodies at her graduation party

Even though I'm trying to stick to a budget, I could not resist ferrying to Seattle two weekends in a row, for Serene's graduation party and for Easter... Both great meals and an opportunity to hang with nice that they are all people who like and love each other!

Easter: David, Amal, Brian

Easter Goodies...SO DELICIouS!

Hugh and Connie

Serene doing some last-minute frosting application with Beau in the background. He hasn't cooked anything for us yet, but we did get to meet a large contingent of his family the weekend before.

Shannon and Chris and their girls are visiting Steve and Linda and Mom in Iowa...Steve says that Mom is loving feeding her second great granddaughter.

Life is Good!