Monday, January 27, 2014

Sweet Freedom!

Pamela 1.25.14 Bremerton with David

Slowly, slowly I'm getting used to freedom as a way of life again. For the last 10 years my days have been restricted by the schedule of my Regular Job. That changed 12/03/13, when I spent my last day as an Occupational Therapist...and I have told the State of Washington not to renew my license. Gradually, my psyche is starting to unclench, and I am relaxing into my new schedule, filling it with lots of food, fun, and projects.

David Owen Hastings...Wonderful Tapas Bar in Bremerton

Last Saturday, I went with David to the opening of a show at CVG in Bremerton, where one  of his pieces was selected, and he Should have won a prize! The Award that came to us was having a wonderful time together, talking nonstop about Art and Life and Literature...And this Tapas bar down the street with truly beautiful and delicious food!

...and for dessert: flan with whiskey sauce, cherries, and sugar art piece on top

Crab cakes, Fillet, Scallops with slightly wilted spinach, truffle fries with curry sauce, the Amazing dates stuffed with tumeric cheese and wrapped in bacon...and David knows that I like exquisite the flan with whiskey sauce and cherries above.  On the way over to meet David at the ferry, I stopped at Quilted Strait and gave them an experiment with their new fusible below: (coffee cup fabric from the bead store in Port Townsend)

Join me to make fabric Journals at Quilted Strait 3/22/14

OK, I've been indulging myself in fabric everywhere I go...good thing I try to stay home more days than I go out. Today I went out to UPS Kathryn Hall's portrait to her, and a Doll Making as a Transformative Process book to Australia, and this time I gathered food...And a new book, Natalie Goldberg's OLD FRIENDS FROM FAR AWAY.

Salty Caramel Pecan Pie and coffee at Blackbird

Writing in Cafe's...small treats for this retired person. This morning I successfully completed my application for Social Security, online...another step to All Art, All the Time...the Life of the Artist includes Sensual Pleasures!--as many and often as possible.

Another woman writing at Black Bird...corner of 8th and Peabody

We artists try things just so we can watch ourselves with fascinated horror, like my picking at my relationship with my mother, even when I have mostly forgiven her for not being able, or willing, to overcome her past and her inherited chemistry. Female children of the Depression may be forgiven their passive/aggressive tendencies, their only permitted outlet for rage.

She Did Her Best

And to end on a sweet note...I know that I have to be careful about how I spend my money, now that there is much less of it coming in, but Food as Love has always been a part of my family's culture, and since I am trying to do yoga, weight-lifting, or walking daily, I'm also having fun indulging myself with afternoon sweets on British tea time.

Sopapias on a yellow plate at Sergios

                                      I ate the whole thing...and it was Delicious!!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Journey is the Destination ( Dan Eldon)

84) Margi Hennen, PH14PG002hf084

I am continuing to paint portraits--improving my technique with repetition--and also starting a series of more emotional paintings, new sculptures, doing as much drawing, reading, writing, studying, exercise, eating well, and being outside as I can. This Adventure of the last third of life, of taking advantage of having worked hard in health care and saving my money for 20 years. Now it's All Art, All the Time, and I've been getting rid of other obligations to the extent that sometimes I wonder if there will be anything left. But there IS.

An older acrylic on paper portrait of Patti

83) Patti Gibbones, Hot Flash Woman #83 1/14

New research contradicts the Multi-tasking Myth under which we've been suffering for the last decade. It's One Activity, One thought at a time. It will appear to take longer to accomplish anything, but as in Meditation, I must keep gently bringing my attention back to the project at hand...AND being Very Aware of the things that are most important to me to do...grow, stretch my skills/knowledge/experience in all aspects art making. I can spend hours following all the trails that Brain Pickings initiates...and that could be a productive use of some of my hours. I have a tendency to be easily led astray...finding the journal from my Heroine's Journey in 2003 and a notebook full of stimulating ideas for art that I collected ten years ago. My many trips back and forth through the house add to my exercise routine.

Progression of the white Sculpture

Added the stabilizing leg, the other arm

Another Boomer friend, listed all the many things she wants to accomplish and study during 2014...and because there are so many, she has been unable to focus and accomplish anything so far...true, only a little more than two weeks to date, but still. It is Absolutely Necessary for me to keep gently bringing myself back to task. I see how rapidly my attention vibrates from task to task, and how much momentum can be lost in distraction, yet I know that on good days, I can make that work for me. Even If I do not create a huge body of work--all the better because of potential storage problems. I do So Enjoy the Process of discovery...and I feel a great well of Potential within me, potential honed by WORK! 

My first multi-panel Graphic Grannies