Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Step in the Right Direction

A photo of my feet, on my favorite local beach, Ediz Hook...actually, I have many favorite beaches, but this is the closest, and where I go to contemplate and celebrate. 

On 08/01/13 I had my last day at a seven-year health care job, where I loved most of the patients, but found the work environment too stressful to continue. You may remember a picture of my feet in my red shoes on this same beach the day I decided to resign.

I NEED more time and energy for ART before I get too old to do it, but I chose Art instead of the regular work world in my youth, so I don't have quite enough money to retire fully and safely yet. I started the new job the Monday after I quit the last one, and I gained one extra day of freedom. Once I learn all the new computer work, I expect more peace of mind to focus on the million and one Art Projects that are clamoring for my attention and time...Patience and Focus will be my watch words...Stay Tuned. I hope you will be hearing from me more frequently now.

GOOD NEWS: Along with my new iPhone (another learning curve), I now have a SquareREader, which means that I can Again accept Visa and MasterCard for purchases on my web site.

I will be teaching online classes starting 9/1/13--SOON! Sign up for Hot FLash Women, Doll Making as a Transformative Process, and Three-Dimensional Doll Design at 

Each class has 6 lessons over 12 weeks, with lots of chat, doll making, and FUN!
For an In-Person class in stick dolls for Transformation, come to the MAC in Sequim, on Lucky Friday the 13th of September. E-mail me for details: