Saturday, April 09, 2011

A Good Day!

I'm Always happy when I make new ART! and today has been a Happy one so far! I started this painting of Steve and Megan at Shannon's wedding on Tuesday, and finished it today...I'm learning not to Over Work!

Still, it looked a little too much to ma as if it were painted from a photo, so I did a second painting, from one of my life drawings.

She was fun, paint is flowing...too bad Angie wasn't open today so I could get more canvas...but I'm going to Akamai Tuesday with Suzanne.

Not to neglect the fiber arts: I finished this last night while watching Goldfish Memory. Is it too Kitsch...or not enough? I was drawn to the doilies, and think I'll do another one all white, to keep with my recent all white theme.

With all this Creativity, I still had time to get the first fish and chips of the season from Kokopelli at the Farmers' market, a lovely soft blue from Renaissance, Panne d'Amore's incredible cheesy bread sticks, a yummy pastry for Sunday morning from the health food place on Lauridson, And some fresh spinach from the nice Korean lady...she makes wonderful and cheap sushi rolls. I also almost ran Diana Somerville down while she was crossing the street, went out to the Hook and got rocks (very low tide), and weeded in a soothing low gray sky... Lots of emails back and forth with my buddies in the Northeast. Annie refuses to move out here...just because her grandson, Charlie, is SO gorgeous. David C says yes to a bi-coastal house share...Are people from the NE really different...or it is just because they're my long-term friends? I miss that pushy, bouncy, intellectual curiosity...Any transplants in the NW who want to talk? I promised DC I'd go out dancing here, the band playing at Gray's yet? Hi Ashley.

I think about trying to market Hot Flash more aggressively because I know there are people all over the world who would Love the book, but I'm too busy doing what I Love!!!



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