Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Work in White

My last patient Monday was hard work, to focus on her pain and not mine...but at the same time the experience took me out of my own concerns...always an effective technique for dealing with un-ease.

I sat at my computer late Tuesday morning, bow windows spreading the magnificent NW sky in front of me, regularly changing from brilliant sun to clouds, the hills of southern Canada a blue line low in front of me, and the gray Strait of Juan de Fuca in front of that. There is a broken layer of tall narrow Sentinel firs, the golden willow wanting to burst into leaf, the bright green stretch of high school yard below my cedar fence and white on black stone spirals.

I'm going to lie low today, push fluids, eat chicken soup and dumplings, retreat to my red couch and tales of Ethiopia and medicine in CUTTING FOR STONE, but I see I'm healing when ideas start to beget more.

Inspiration can come from any where and every where as long as our minds and hearts are open.

I always keep a sketch pad on the table where I eat and read and entertain, by my bed, in my studio...I've been making these curious drawings again and again of white muslin figures looking up...perhaps today I'll bring one of them into three dimensions...and share the results with you. ..Maye it is my own transformative talking with the women of my book group last Wednesday night, ranging in age from 30 to 64 (I'm the matriarch) and from finishing AN UNKNOWN WOMAN last night (she's writing as a 37-year-old) I see how our images, our self images evolve over time, from being the images our parents create in their children as a direct extension of themselves, to forming our pictures of ourselves through the eyes of teachers, boyfriends, husbands, children, clients....and now maybe Our Selves!

Since I finished the Big Doll (9.5 feet tall) a little over a week ago, I've been working in mostly all shows the form and the lines well.

I've been reading a book called BOUNCE, about excellence and achievement, mostly in sports, but in Art and Life as well. The author downplays the concept of Talent, and says instead that achievement of excellence Requires 10,000 hours of very focused practice in order to come get going and Keep working!

He also said that the people who keep hitting new highs (winning races) don't rest on their laurels.
As soon as we achieve one
goal, we are ready to move on to the
next challenge...I just wanted her out
of my living space, so I could make more white dolls. Thanks, Tom!

If you're near Seattle, you can see her in person during the month of April at Fraker/Scott Gallery in Pioneer Square. Apparently I'm still healing from my cough, abandoned by ambition tonight...but I KNOW she will return. Good night for now.



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