Sunday, January 09, 2011

Transitions and Transformations

Two views of the (In)Famous 9.5 foot-tall BIG Doll, who has graced the center of my living space now for several years. I have almost come to the crucial point of finishing her....
New Year, starting and ending projects are challenging for me. Especially on this gray Sunday morning, with a watercolor sky, through which I can glimpse cracks of if I don't hurry and actually
commit my thoughts to type, they will have vanished and I'll be all cheerful again, wondering what all the
gloom and agony were about.

I've been occupied for the last year with finally finishing HOT FLASH: A CELEBRATION,(available on my web site) promoting it (which never motivates me as much as doing it), then all the projects that naturally fall around the holidays, my annual Angels and Exhibits...

Every year I design a new tree angel for family and

And here we are in January, the weather is still cold and dark, the holiday treats are almost all consumed, the weight is creeping up, the Inspiration seems to have dried and blown away...and so how do we re-discover, re-invent our Better Selves, that we almost despair of ever experiencing again?

Zuni Path: (1) Show Up, (2) Pay Attention, (3) Tell the Truth, (4) Stay Open to Results

Barb Kobe called and wants to do a Transformative Doll Making web site, where we can both teach our classes, I was interviewed for a radio show with Mark Harvey, he saying that "Transformation" is the concept that resonates in talking with me, I get an email from
Kat Fasano, saying that she resonates with what I'm talking about...and without doing any more than putting the word out to the Universe, my next step becomes clear...

Of course, my argumentative mind goes: Just because you can do it doesn't mean you HAVE to do it...maybe you should just be drawing and painting and sculpting and writing (in the small amounts of time away from the paying job), and not worrying about reaching out to other folks. Who knows? But at some point one must just choose, go ahead, and see what happens, so I'm putting out an invitation to the Universe and You.

Here's my first description of the HOT FLASH online class, which may evolve as time progresses:

HOT FLASH: Express the wisdom and emotion of this Universal Process through doll making! Celebrate your femaleness and maturity—or your ability to continue to have fun playing at your advanced age.

We’ll share stories and make cloth, paper, mixed media dolls, journals, masks? cookies? on the theme of Hot Flash, giving new meaning to the term, “Power Surge”! Wear comfortable layers and be prepared to have fun with sweat; and since the class will be taught online, you can come in your jammies! This is an opportunity to create your own paper or cloth doll designs, look into your own personal history and aspirations, and to join into group play on a common theme. I will provide inspirations, suggestions, and basic patterns, if you need them...The group will be supportive of every effort—and magical things will happen! Barb Kobe will provide the ethernet play room for our six-session. More Information to follow!



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