Monday, November 08, 2010

Families, Friends, Connections

My father's older brother died this morning, our/my Uncle Jack. I hadn't seen him since Dad's funeral 23 years ago, but Jeanne and Jack's, and then Jack's Christmas cards followed me wherever I moved.

I remember him from when I was a child, even the story his mother would tell about how he release the hand brake in one of my grandfather's cars and got it rolling down Route 5 in Bradford, VT. Jack's subsequent sporty cars, and since he was a Westinghouse engineer,
he came to visit us with the first transistor radio
I ever heard in his coat pocket.

Through FaceBook we've reconnected with our cousins and grieve with them, remembering when our Dad died, and also how very important we are to each other, carrying these genes and memories on through time.

This is a large part of my immediate family, taken 5 summers ago...we don't do the formal portraits at every holiday that we used to...Maybe this year at the now traditional Thanksgiving at my house, we will.

Here's to all genetic and chosen families!!!



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