Thursday, June 17, 2010

Follow Up to Tiny Art Quilts Class

It's fun to share the work that gets finished after at class. This is Nature Quilt by Kathie Karst. Here's what she said about it: " Here's my finished quilt. I tweaked it a bit after our class and then was trying to decide how to mount it.

I had a picture frame my dad had made from weathered wood from a sheep shed on his family's old Montana homestead. It wasn't quite the right dimensions, so I decided to trim the quilt down using a decorative blade to be slightly smaller than the frame. I mounted it on top of the glass with about 1/2" around each of the sides. I used copper wire and beads, as well as metallic copper thread to add more interest.

I'm pleased with ow it turned out and feel as if taking this class finally moved me out of "neutral" when it comes to adding found objects to small quilts."

I love to see what you've done with my classes, books, patterns, and I'll post samples here. Watch for more of my classes at Quilted Strait in Port Gambol, WA.

And YES, very Soon, I'll start posting examples of contributions to my HOT FLASH book--It's not too late to participate!



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