Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Springtime in the Northwest

A surprise visit from brother Steve, the only one of us sibs not living the Northwest now. His company sent him to Tacoma, and he got the weekend off to come visit me, his sister-in-law, and our family in Seattle, except for David and Brian, who are in Palm Springs. We traveled from the heights--Hurricane Ridge, just 17 miles from Port Angeles, but a mile up into the snow line.

At times like these, I wish I'd brought my old wooden cross country skis here from VT. I know this is less snow than usual, but it's at least four feet on top of the mountain, and down below, the tulips are in bloom.

Steve likes to keep moving, so the next stop was Rialto Beach, on the Pacific coast. Black sand, wonderful smooth oval and round rocks, dramatic sea-smoothed trees, some sun, some warmth, lots of people strolling about looking for the whale pods cruising up the coast.

We thought we saw some spouts and some flashing tail fins in front of the sea stacks.

As you can see, Steve and I have pretty much the same hair...no beard for me.

It's so comfortable hanging out with someone I've known all my life.

We also fitted in some food experiences: Sweet Potato fries at Granny's Cafe and dinner at the recently re-opened Kokopelli's, which makes me miss Katie and Mike and real Southwestern food.

Of course, even with all the fun and outdoor distraction, I fit in a bit of time for Art Work: Kathy Charlton's Love Yourself doll...What a Vital Concept for ALL women!!! We must take care of ourselves first, Love Ourselves, Make time to have FUN with the ones we love...And fit in some time for ART.

Speaking of which, I'm getting some Wonderful and Wide-Ranging entries for the HOT FLASH book...my next BiG Project. Scroll down to see all the details...maybe you'd like to send something in and be part of Celebrating Women!



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