Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sensual Spring; A Good Man With The Right Tools

Spring: Stop a moment and look around you. On a gray day on the Olympic Peninsula, the bursting yellow of the willow down the hill rivets my attention. In the almost four years in this house, I've photographed it in all kinds of weathers and lights. This is the time of year when my Art Passion gets diverted by Outside--outside my Self, Outside my inside.

The typical simultaneous sun and rain, with a long rainbow over the high school field to my northeast--just pan slowly to the right from the
blooming willow. Who needs a plain old boring sunny day!
There are peepers sounding each night, even in the middle of town. Bird songs I've never noticed before...and of course throngs and hordes of blooming, then seeding Millenium plants, called so because of their ability to survive and reproduce, in any season and location.

This is where my man, Dave, and his excellent machine (the wonderful truck) come in. As those who've followed this blog know, the all-rain winters and All-sun summers of the Northwest call for radical landscaping, perhaps radical/minimalist.

So I'm obsessed by stone, hate the whole idea of ever mowing grass. Any non-rock areas are covered with smothering sedums and wooly thyme, some day with a few sculptures (a bit larger than life-sized) strewn casually about.

Dave moved his huge boom
truck up my neighbor's driveway,
pulled out the bilateral
stabilizers, and dropped
the neat package of almost two tons of Junction Valley Silver Flagstone EXACTLY where I wanted it, at the back corner of my garage.

I can't wait to get out and move rocks!

But...not to worry...I am ALSO working on the HOT FLASH book on the side, in bits and moments. Soon I'll start posting some teasers for you...I'm also finishing up the LOVE YOURSELF doll for Kathy Charlton, with lots of extra piecing and embroidery in reds and coppers. Then, too, the portraits are calling, the next one to be of Loel Annie Barr.



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