Sunday, February 07, 2010

Five New Portraits Since Tuesday

I've always liked doing portraits, some of which
you've seen posted here.

I tend to agonize over painting, maybe because
I love it so much.

After finishing 3 paintings on Tuesday, I
thought I had a chance of meeting my goal
of eight new paintings to submit to Strait Art.

I made the project easier by limiting the paintings to portraits, all on 18" x 24" watercolor.

They may not be perfect likenesses, but I have
really enjoyed the process, and can see the benefit
both my artistic brothers derive from limiting the
scope of their work.

I have already printed up more pictures from my
archives to do more portraits, but I'd better take
a break from painting and get back to HOT FLASH!

If anyone's interested, I would not at all mind doing
a Portrait Show.



Blogger Wendy Ellertson said...

Pamela - Portraits are amazing! You rock! Wendy

6:56 AM  

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