Tuesday, January 12, 2010

ART-IS-YOU and other Inspiration

This is going to have to be a quickie post, my Dears. It's raining and raining here in the Northwest, but WARM (50's) Winter is different every day here, and I DID run outside during the few minutes we saw the sun.

New projects keep presenting themselves, now a book on mixed media projects for gifts being written by Jane Davies, from VT, my beloved home state.

Me on the left and going back 4 generations.

For all those of you who've been on the edge of your seat about what I chose for Art-Is classes...

Drum Roll, Please...1) Making Dolls with Found Objects (2) Angels and Icons: tiny dolls as talismans and jewelry and (3) Star of my own show: Exploring self portraiture in cloth and paper

Here are some paper dolls and self portraits for your edification...once I start digging in my archives, wonderful things emerge. Each idea begets 10 more...Help!

Grandma at 5, her head on a stop sign...heavy. Bead arms, wire and bead legs.

Self-portrait paper doll from the Nineties...I'm still going in too many different directions!

A new self-portrait in cloth of me in High School, when I first selling my dolls. "Art Winns" I know, I spelled it wrong, but that fit the space and emphasized my ongoing passion.

Another new one, not quite done. I'm adding antique sequins and a copper head dress. Love that obsessive/compulsive stitching in the evening with a movie! This is the time of year to stay inside and sew.

A portrait bust that stands alone. Tsukineko markers, used gel medium to apply the copy of a photo of me. this will be a fun project in CT in October. I'll also be presenting the self portrait experience at a new retreat center/spa in Friday Harbor, WA...Art and Pampering...Could it get any better????

More soon, I promise, but must finish making Indian Food for my Book Group meeting here in Yikes! an hour!!! Lamb Curry, coconut curry, chutney, cucumber raita, and rice pudding. The book is Louise Erdrich's PAINTED DRUM.



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