Thursday, December 24, 2009


Much joy to you and yours at this time of the turning of the sun in the Northern Hemisphere.

Life, as always, interferes with my well-intentioned plans, and the solidification of the classes I'll teach (only 3) at Art-Is-You in CT in October 2010 is lagging behind where I'd hoped it would be. Ah, well, I'm human.

Here are the classes I'm considering: Mixed Media Doll (as shown). This seems a definite, as I've only just begun to explore the possibilities.

So Lucky You, you get to help me narrow the many choices down to three.

Self Portrait in paper and fabric class. That's me, in my twenties, with a painted fabric body and quilted, embroidered wings...I needed wings to fly above all that storm of my first marriage.


1) Mixed Media Doll
2) Star in your own Show--Self Portrait
3) Ancestor Doll
4) Not Your Mother's Paper Dolls
5) Idols and Icons (tiny dolls and jewelry using dolls)
6) Manageable Monoliths (simple non-realistic dolls with wire armature)
7) A Theater of Dreams (fabric journal, imaginary travel journal)

Please help me choose 3

Paper Dolls

Found Objects



Blogger Patty said...

Hi Pamela -

I will be attending Art Is You in October and will definitely be taking at least one of your classes. I'd like to do a little more mixed media, I like the sounf of both Idols and Icons and Managable Monoliths.
Patty D

5:21 PM  

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