Sunday, October 11, 2009


Questionnaire: What does the term HOT FLASH mean to you? What images do you see? Associations? When you were young, how did you think about women over 25/40/60? What did you always dream of doing? Have you done it, and if so, would you tell us about how you were able to fulfill your dream? Have you done/accomplished anything since you turned 25/40/60 that has surprised you, surprised your family or other people? If so, how has that achievement changed how you see yourself? Has it changed your remaining aspirations?

What advice at your age now....would you give to yourself at age....? Would the younger you have listened to the older you? How would that have changed the way your life is now? Do you know that women can lose their hair, too? What is Woman's heaviest burden? Greatest Joy? What was/is your favorite age and why? What do you wish you'd known sooner? What is your favorite form of self-expression or what would you like to try?

If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, what, if anything, would you regret not having done? What inspiration would you like to share with other women? Is it better to be a man or a woman?

I am looking for contributions of short stories, poems, essays, answers to the questions, images of ANY art form that you have created or that you feel would be inspiring to other women and express the theme of HOT FLASH in the broadest sense.

Please email me with any questions, send images with as much detail as possible: good quality jpg's can be emailed to me at or you can burn tifs to a CD and mail to me at 3007 South Laurel St., Port Angeles, WA 98362 Please include a picture of yourself and mailing and email information for you...I will edit.

Sending your information and images to me implies that you agree to participate in the book. Each participant will receive two copies of the finished book, so include information for me to mail them to you.The project will take shape over the next four months, with planned publication in the spring/summer of 2010. The format will take shape as I compile the raw material. I'll keep posting examples here for inspiration for all of us.



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