Sunday, July 19, 2009

Classes--Art Again

Just dragged myself back inside...What a Wonderful Summer!!! And Everyone knows that the dark and rainy days will come again all too soon. I'm happy just sitting on the gravel and weeding out the tough ground cover that seems to be related to horsetail. I finished spreading the 7 yards of new gravel, so I've been working some outdoor sculpture. I bought a red glass ball on the end of a rebar rod at the Lavender Festival, used two rocks, stuck together with Apoxie Sculpt and studded with colored beach glass for a tallish element to replace the New Zealand Flax that died in last winter's cold. As usual, I was too impatient and instead of building bit by bit, I tried to rush the whole's precariously balanced on the flat file in my garage at the moment...hope we don't get an earthquake for several hours. I also balanced a piece of vaguely human-like driftwood on a slab of the tumbled mica.

I've been working on the Big Doll again...would like to get it finished. I think the next "big" figures will have to be a bit smaller, maybe my size instead of one and a half times me...she's getting difficult to wrestle from lying down to standing up.

In the last month, I have continued to keep working on the samples for future classes, and MUST get started on my piece for the Imitation of Life Construction Company show.

How about a Charms and Icons class? with peyote beading
as in the top image or the use of unusual buttons and beads

as on the right? If you've ever taken a class from me in the
past, you'll know that no two students' projects are alike...we
all play together and explore as many different approaches
as possible.

I added some found hardware, antique trim, and beads to the cover of FRANCE: Romance.
And an inside page with a French village.

--A short interlude with Katie and her friend, Debbie. They've been touring the lavender farms and made time for lemonade and cookies with me. So nice to see them and be able to show off all my projects. I'm going to miss Katie SO MUCH when she and Mike move to AZ, but they'll be back during the summer, I'm sure.

Some friends last forever...Katie and Debbie have known each other since nursing school.

I'm listening to Margaret Atwood's ROBBER BRIDE on tape while I resume work and cooking fresh salmon from Tuna Dan at the Farmers' Market yesterday with new potatoes and peas. Life is GOOD!

I'm working on a self-portrait class, too.



Blogger WoolPets said...

Hi Pamela,
I just discovered you through an add in Art Doll Quarterly and you have a great blog! We're neighbors, too! I live in Suquamish, near Bainbridge Island.
You art work is amazing and lovely. I hope to take one of your classes sometime soon!

1:04 PM  
Blogger Pamela said...

Don't miss the Fiber Arts Festival in Sequim. On October 4th, I'll be teaching a class in primitive stick dolls and one in paper dolls.

6:48 PM  

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