Friday, July 03, 2009

More Family...and Food...Fun

My brother, David, and his partner, Brian, have a lovely new home nearer Doug and Amal.

Here's the back yard, from the deck that opens off the kitchen...another great setting for Hastings' food Fests. We were celebrating their new home, Connie achieving her Masters in Voice from UW, Hugh graduating from the "regular job" back to full-time acting, Serene's finishing her junior year at Roosevelt, Birthdays of Thayer, Doug, Amal, Brian, and Steve (in absentia and in Iowa), and my Fourth Anniversary of moving to WA, also Doug and Amal's Tenth of moving, I think.

Serene has become an avid baker (reminds me of EAT CAKE by Jeanne Ray, our next book group book...She must be able to follow directions better than I do, and you can see that she is in the family art mode with these marzipan decorations that were going to go on the cake for brunch, except there was some kind of technical process problem...Maybe she is like me, after all, in not wanted to be bound by rules.

We were happy to slurp up Connie's merainge pie with lemone sauce and Sequim strawberries...bad luck baking that day, but DELICIOUS!

David and Brian have a wonderful kitchen for entertaining now, too.
Here are the West Coast younger generation, not so young any more. Thayer left for a summer in Morocco. Serene is working on her sports and drama skills.

The brothers, Thayer, and I went downtown to SAM and Pike Market after brunch. David looks tired from all the house painting and moving.

It's SO NICE to be able to hang out with the family on a regular basis!

The colors and textures of the market are SO Inspiring! I'd better get back to my ART WORK!

Remember the work for the fabric journal class? Romance/France
. While my current guests, Bill and Barb Kobe, go out to Neah Bay, I'm going to work in the studio....but first outside to finish moving the gravel pile!!!!



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