Friday, July 03, 2009

Never-Ending Fun!

Here's a picture for Ella, your dad in front of the now-famous Bella Italia in Port Angeles, the scene of Bella and Edward's first date...and a great Italian restaurant.

It's great to have old friends from VT visit...we've known each other twenty-five years! My second brother, David.

His observation on western Washington: "like Vermont on steroids."

An art shot through the Itty Bitty Buzz to the patio, lit from above.

The first strawberries showed up at the Farmers' Market. I am a happy woman, with all the fruits and veggies of summer
. Good thing I have all the exercise moving my gravel pile!

With all the great fresh rhubarb and two brothers visiting, I worked myself up to doing a Martha Stewart yogurt mousse, with a cornmeal crust and rhubarb sauce.

I know for sure she has someone else (or a crew) going behind her doing dishes! I am not a good baker, because I HATE to follow recipes to the letter, in fact, I Refuse! Especially when, like Martha, they call for endless different steps and dishes.

Very tasty...and not all that bad looking!

Hugh and David agreed.


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