Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Easter Continued

After eating lunch and seeing David's studio and Doug's show, of course we had to stop for coffee.If I lived in Seattle, I'd be much fatter...and much poorer, with so many opportunities to stop and eat. The macaroons were Fabulous! David at left (another potential painting). Doug below.

Doug's daughter, Serene, was back at the house making a carrot cake to
decorate as an Easter

Hugh putting home made mayonnaise into steamed artichokes. For more pictures of the food see David's Facebook page.

Since I have to drive and lecture tomorrow, I'll save the Read 'em and Eat trip to Hobuck Beach and doll making event to post later. You can see pictures on my Facebook page...Am I getting smarter, or just more tired in my old age??? better able to manage my tasks with the available energy, I think.



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