Sunday, January 25, 2009

Art and Life...and the Big Doll...2

You're getting an extra bonus make up for my recent lack of posts. I've been busy sending out the new book, planning my classes for the Fiber Arts Festival in Sequim in October, walking and taking photos as the seasons change--by the moment. Winter makes me want to cook...and EAT! Great Italian meal at Bella Italia (mentioned in the Vampire books set in Forks) on Friday, my brother, David's treat. Last night I cooked my first pork tenderloin with shallots, bacon, prunes, balsamic vinegar, and red wine--YUM! I love the good smells filling the house. Here are pictures of frost outlining the weeds (probably a version of Horsetail) and some of the collection of sedum and turquoise quartz in my back yard. Playing with PhotoBooth--I like the way it made me look younger.

The kiss of snow from this morning is almost melted, it's up to 40 degrees. We had a week of fog and an air inversion, the fog picture is from January 17th looking northeast from my front porch.

The frost outlines are from some time in between. What a constant fascinating Nature show!

Now back to the studio, with books on tape for company, I'll try to post again soon, to show you the dolls using Found Objects I'll be working on.

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