Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I got a question about how I did the collage posted a week ago, so here's the answer:
The collage that I last posted on my blog started with a 30" x 30"
square canvas that I painted bright yellow with acrylics and then
divided into a nine-patch (traditional quilt form) with a turquoise
soft colored pencil. The rest is art papers, tracings of drawings
from my sketch book, more paint, and now the cut-up experiments from
the class on Faux Encaustics using Golden paints and products, so
there's some glass bead gel, modeling paste, glaze, and maybe crackle
glaze, too. My brother introduced
me to some very thin but strong Japanese paper that I can sew on my
sewing machine and then apply to the collage with clear acrylic gel
and then more acrylic paint and marks made with crayon and chalk. I'm
trying to create depth without getting too busy and without totally
covering up the images, and without getting toooo attached to any one
phase, because I don't want to be afraid to keep working on it until
it's done...a tough call.

I did some painting and glazing on it on Tuesday, and will post a progress report picture maybe after the weekend. I like painting in daylight when possible, so I can see the colors better.


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