Thursday, December 18, 2008


Finally--I think--I sent the .pdf of Edition 2 of my doll making book, PAMELA'S DESIGNING A DOLL AND MAKING FACES book to the printer. It took me several more hours to make a facsimile of the cover to post here. I KNOW there's probably a VERY SIMPLE way to do this from InDesign, but I haven't figured it out yet.

128 Pages, 73 in color, LOTS of patterns, step-by-step
instructions, and how I do 3-D fabric construction.

Free shipping and $25 per book on any orders placed and
paid by January 1st, 2008. The book should be ready to
ship the first week in January, and I will put it into the shopping cart as soon as I get something to eat. I have a nice piece of steak waiting.

It almost
never snows enough to stay down (or up) here at 500 feet above sea level. I got up at 6:30 this morning to clear my Very Long driveway of 6" of snow so I could get down the hill in time to see patients at 8:00am. Aaron and Anna and Diana and Darcie all made it...perhaps I was hoping a little bit that I could stay home and get my book translated into .pdf and sent out. All my patients canceled...what luck! I'll be there at 7:30 tomorrow, I promise!

This was just last Sunday morning and you can see that it was a lot warmer, when I shoveled the first 5" of snow at 8am, so people could come to meditate. Tom helped some with the shoveling and we sat for half an hour then talked about what we were thinking about doing with the Rest of Our Lives. The idea of there being a finite amount of time and energy left now seems more real than when we were younger. I have never been happier more of the time than I have been since I moved here and turned 60. My life goal is to keep paying attention and doing and making interesting things and appreciate the ones I love.

This was 12/14/08 again, looking from my yard northeast to the dark clouds over the strait.
Last year we only had one snowfall, just a few inches in April, this year we're supposed to get yet more snow this weekend.

I know I've become very soft since the days when I lived in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. I admit it, but that was part of the reason I moved to the Peninsula--to escape the endless winter. I do enjoy hearing weather reports about snow in other places, though, so keep sending them, and I'll bet our snow will be melted by Christmas (I hope, so I can get to Seattle and the brothers). Just as I was working on this entry, I got an e-card from my good friend, Will, in VT. Maybe he's having a snow day, too.

I can't do a post without a new piece of art to show. This one is called A ROOM OF MY OWN which is what I have here in Port Angeles, in fact, a whole house of my own, where projects and books are spread from one end to the other--in a tidy fashion, of course.

I returned to painting on muslin to do a nude, pieced frame, quilted details, a self portrait from when I was 35 and having SO MUCH FUN! It's mostly a different kind of fun and happiness now, that of learning new people, new stories, and more about myself and what I can create. I love sharing all this with all of you.

Tell somebody you love them today and keep the holidays simple and important.


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