Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Big Doll Returns

I'm reading CREATING by Robert Fritz with lots of interesting idea generating. One being that it helps to know where you want to go when you set out to create...not the total finished product in all its glory, but some idea of what the product might be.

I've returned to the Big Doll Project...not thinking that I will then progress to renting a bigger studio and making humongous sculptures, although that idea did seem to have a lot of appeal last year when Eric Swangstu told me seriously that I could become a nationally-known sculptor if I would just go for SIZE.

I could tell that my excitement was matched by ambivalence as the project lanquished in the garage over winter. My constant lesson to myself is to listen to my instincts, because my intuition is often smarter than my intellect. Over the years I learn a little better how to manage my energy cycles, match my aspirations with my energy. I know that deadlines are helpful to my motivation, so I entered the unfinished piece in the Fiberarts Festival in Sequim in October, and moved her inside, where there is less excuse not to work. I solved a structural problem of how to build her top...I am doing it the same way I do the 14" Sentinals, with wrapped and stitched batting (shown in last year's blog). I'm not sure yet if I will paint her or add the examples of Women's Work that I had planned (tatting, hand-made lace) or use up my collection of mother-of-pearl buttons. When she is finally finished, she will have thousands of stitches in her. Now that she is in the center of the house...just barely fitting in the peak of the ceiling...I am also motivated to keep working, knowing that anyone who comes to the house will see her and want to see my progress.

HOW do YOU get yourselves motivated to finish...or start projects???

Speaking of projects, my brother, David, just sent me this picture taken in October 2005, of me standing right about where I'm sitting now, on my leveled house lot, before the building began.

Now there was a HUGE project, but I was lucky enough to have lots of very capable people helping me, so once I started, the momentum carried me along. Often the biggest projects are like that...all you have to do is have the courage to begin, and then just keep taking one step at a time.

New opportunities keep presenting themselves. Sunday I met with Brenda Beeley about teaching a THREE-DIMENSIONAL DOLL DESIGN class in person in Tuscon, AZ, in January or Februay. I also received an inquiry about teaching in Corvalis, OR, and maybe Vancouer Island...Being open to possibilities, more and more present themselves to me. Life is Good!!!

What Secrets? One of the examples of dolls that can be created in the Three-Dimensional Doll Design class.

My other ongoing project these days is re-doing my DESIGNING A DOLL AND MAKING FACES book, which will include the online 3-D doll design class, and Color pictures! It's hard to find time to go to my job, with all these fun projects going on, but I love my patients and learn so much from them every day, I wouldn't give up that part of my life, either.

Then there's my rock yard and the ongoing battle with weeds. I just got 7 yards of gravel delivered and bought a few more sedums and ground covers--all planted now in time for the rain tonight, but the gravel will take time to distribute--by the bucketload.

I could go on and on, but must get busy and make more things to show you.

Freshwater Bay is one of my local beaches with wonderful rocks and hardly any people, even on a gorgeous sunny summer Saturday.

Inspiration Abounds!

PS: so sorry I didn't get to spend time with ALL my friends in the northeast when I was there. Plan a class and I will be happy to come on back.



Blogger susanbuchanan2 said...

you sound so happy. i'm glad and i love that you moved your big doll from the cold garage into your warm home. this doll is now demanding completion. they do that you know!

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