Monday, August 04, 2008

Doll Making with Found Objects

The dollar store and hardware store...with the addition of Aves Apoxie Sculpt and Fixit, provide fertile ground for Doll Making with Found Objects. The trick is to look at "ordinary" objects in Extraordinary ways.

The Hunter-Gatherer returns to her studio with a treasure trove of Possibilities...the whole palette for under $10...and no sewing machine!

The tiny Tripod Doll was obvious, standing sturdily on

its three legs, and poseable
in the upper body through the built-in angular adjustments. The head is one of the red vine balls set into Apoxie Sculpt, the arms two of the glass globs from the dollar bag...perhaps the leftovers will go out into my stone-covered yard. Yes, I'm growing stones, or rather collecting them, wherever I go...enough to smother all the eager weeds. The tripod doll's eyes are black plastic knitting counters, the pupils silver heart-shaped paper fasteners. The wig is a hank of antique beads, all wired on with thin red wire...Never, Never throw Anything away!

Boxes make great bodies...or stage settings! This one's a play within a play, with an abstract coral figure with a shell head and polished stone base, dancing in front of a sheet of patined copper inside a copper-painted box.

The head is a chipped spark plug Apoxie Sculpted onto a set of bronze U's, painted copper.

The U's become feet below, on a drawer pull, on the lid of a tin box that was used as a stage set for a 911 doll...recycling at its most Artistic!

The arms are copper elbows set into silver metal washers, with beads strung onto waxed thread. Apoxie Fixit holds it all in place. A Curious Cabinet!

Last, but not least, my DaDa Dolly--collaged and painted baby, with a funnel hat and evil eye bead eyes...ohhhh what is she/he thinking???

Acrylic paints and gel medium to attach the thin collage pieces of paper with additional embellishment by Fabrico brush pen--Plan your own Found Doll Making Party Today!



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Love the way your DaDa Dolly came out!

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