Monday, July 21, 2008

MORE JOY: New Book!

I LOVE seeing my work in print, especially when it's in a new book I've published. A MOMENT OF PURE JOY ON AN ORDINARY DAY, IN A COUNTRY WITH THIRTY-SEVEN DIFFERENT NAMES FOR RAIN is important to me in so many different ways: that it show cases a period of new growth and exploration in my painting since I moved to the Northwest, that it contains thirty pages in Full Color, and that it increases my repertoire of self-published books to four.

I am now working on an expanded reprint of my Doll Making Book...soon, soon to be completed, I hope.

The new book is available on the Gallery/Book section of my website:

Below is my painting: WHERE IS SHE GOING IN SUCH A HURRY WITH THAT SILLY GRIN ON HER FACE--DOES SHE KNOW SOMETHING with the text from the facing page. I hope you will enjoy the new book as much as you have enjoyed the others.

"When I was first married and living in the old school house in northern Vermont, I populated my world with fantasy figures in soft sculpture--a way of escaping an untenable relationship. The doll making and selling the resulting products, and being with other people who did not treat me like a deficient ignoramous as my husband did, ultimately gave me the courage to free my body as well as my mind. this figure is a variation on the Four-Legged Lady from that time in the Eighties. She is creating her own interior happiness, not dependent on outside forces.

She has proven to be a universally-appreciated image and may find her way to tee shirts and mugs.

It is, has been, will be a struggle for me to appreciate on a daily basis the ability (without too much lonliness) I have to create my own life and reality. I can make whatever I want, spend hours weeding my gravel yard, eat barbeque for breakfast, go to sleep at 8pm...anything that I can imagine, I can make happen, at least on some level. I love the freedom to choose among a wide variety of connections with people and activities."


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