Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Greetings Friends, Fans, and Family! I've just returned from my travels back to many scenes and friends of my younger days. I'm delighted by the continuity of friendships over time, the places change the friends undergo the effects of gravity and evolution, but there is a core connection that is consistent and always evolving as we share joys and losses.

Thank you to all who hosted and shared, my new friends in Ottawa.

I'm told I should post more often, or people will stop looking, so I renew my pledge to try harder. This is a picture my brother, David, took of me in the Pike Place Market in Seattle in early June. Note the NW layered look. It is wonderful to be near family and share Doug's birthday with lunch at the new Seattle Art Museum: tiny burgers and sweet potato fries in the same fillagreed, patined, ice cream dish shaped containers as the ones at Skinny Pancakes in Burlington, VT, with Tim and David last Wednesday. I miss you guys!!!

BIG NEWS!!! My long-awaited Next Book arrived yesterday from the printer in Texas. I know, I know, I skipped ahead on the promised second edition of PAMELA'S DESIGNING A DOLL AND MAKING FACES INSPIRATION BOOK and the very long elusive HOT FLASH, but here is a book to savor, with 60 pages, half in color. Paintings I've done in the last three years since moving to the Northwest with a facing page of writing.

I know that memoirs are out of fashion, but I can't stop writing, and I find that some of the issues I ponder in the process of learning to be single again, push the limits of my art, support myself, and try to understand the magical lure of Relationships is Universal.

I'll get the book onto the Shopping Cart/Gallery soon, I promise, and scan a 2-page spread to give you an idea of what's inside.


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