Saturday, April 26, 2008


I'm sitting in my bow window, with a 360-degree SPRING view of the Olympic Peninsula--Finally! Don't worry, I've been out weeding dandelions from my gravel yard, Farmers' Market, the Little Oven, and generally soaking up SUN!!! But I thought you'd like to see what I've been working on and what's coming up. 4/26/08

4/26/08 Finally, the day has come that reminds us why we live in the Cool Blue Northwest. Bright sun and 50's. Now I understand why people here will wear shorts even in the winter IF the sun will only come out!

The long dark winters are good for creativity, and I've been making a lot of new pieces for my June show, Figuratively Speaking, with Rosie Rojas, in San Antonio, Texas, get the details at

Artifact on the left.

Breaking out of the
Box on the right.

That's WIRED with the electrical-part hair. I'm loving mixed media and non-realistic figures more and more. Excited about using Apoxie products to attach anything to anything...maybe my structural ignorance when it comes to hard materials will finally be solved.

Below are: CELEBRATE, on a stick base, white rubber hands from an antique shop or Archie McPhie's. All those collections are ultimately useable....I try and try and try not to collect Too Much, but it's hopeless.

Diva is built like the other Sentinals...I like that simple body shape. I've been trying to get back to life drawing, so I have a good command of the reality I'm rejecting. I did the drawing in February, then next down, using nude distorted figures in quilted low bas relief, like pieces I did in the 1980's...anybody remember the old work? The ideas keep coming back around with new twists.

At bottom is another SENTINAL with an awl as a head and HOLDFAST, an antique pin box with arms, legs, and head....More to come!



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