Tuesday, January 06, 2009

HOT FLASH, Transformative Doll Making, Etc.

OH, I am getting chatty these days! The New Year (even though it's a supremely artificial construct) and getting the doll book to the printer (I got the proof Friday, and it's Gorgeous!) and the winter Rains now, instead of Snow, have given me the time to contemplate new projects.

I started the HOT FLASH book, soliciting contributions back in 2003 and 2004. I kept promising to come through with an actual book, but the process was interrupted by my move to the West Coast in 2005 and just not being able to get a handle on how I wanted to present the project. I spent my 60th birthday retreat playing with the "look" and now that I have America's Press doing color for me, and I'm almost 62 the book is becoming more of a reality.

I'm ready for yet more contributions: Works of art based (loosely, perhaps) on your interpretation of the phrase Hot Flash and stories about life changes, experiences, successes based on being older and wiser--or bolder. All contributors will receive 2 free copies of the book.

If you sent me something previously, please be sure I have current contact information for you. Those of you who have been procrastinating--(you know who you are)--get something FABULOUS completed and send me good 300dpi tifs one at a time by email or on a disc.

I will be running the class DOLLMAKING AS A TRANSFORMATIVE PROCESS online at http://www.joggles.com starting Tuesday February 3rd. It's still only $60, five lessons from Transforming Oneself to Transforming the World, with a quick paper and a quick fabric project for each lesson, so at the very least, you'll get lots of ideas for things to make and at best...change the world, or at least yourself in some small way.
The ongoing chat with other students from all over the world and me is worth the price of admission. Go to Joggles and SIGN UP NOW!!! You won't regret it...and what better way to make the end of winter (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) fly by.

One More Opportunity:
I'll be teaching Three Dimensional Doll Design and Construction the first weekend in May for a Doll Group in Corvallis, OR. There are some spaces in the class (five) still open for students not officially in the doll group. Contact: Terry Weiss tweiss@cmug.com to sign up. The cost is Very Reasonable for a two-day class, and you will come out with patterns, a finished doll, and TONS of Inspiration!

Winter is a Perfect Time for Art Projects!



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