Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Free Pattern and more

As promised: a free pattern for Sprite. This pattern will also appear in Cloth Dolls and Animals Magazine eventually.

I promised them a bunch of new patterns to publish...maybe I'm trying to get too many ready at a time. I so easily get overwhelmed by ALL THE POSSIBILITIES!!! How does one hone so much down into What's Possible without losing one's mind?

One of my major criteria these days is that the projects I take on should be things I really enjoy doing...and if they bring in a bit of extra cash, all the better! Things like washing the kitchen floor, keeps being sent to the bottom of the list. Exercise HAS to be a daily habit, so I can stay healthy enough to attempt to tackle the rest.

I keep reminding myself to BE GRATEFUL for what I do have: a job that supports me, a nice place to live, wonderful family and friends, and TOO MANY ideas, rather than too few.

Before I post the pattern, let me tell you about a few of the EXCITING upcoming events for me:

Teaching Three-Dimensional Doll Design and Working with Found Objects in Corvallis, OR, May 1-3, 2009, and I hear there may be a class space still left. Contact: Terry Weiss or Reel Dolls at: tweiss@cmug.com The cost is VERY reasonable, and the class should be a Lot of Fun!

For shorter classes on the Beautiful Olympic Peninsula, check out the North Olympic Fiber Arts Festival, the first weekend in October in Sequim, WA, the Lavender Capital of North America. There will be a variety of fiber arts classes on Sunday, October 4th. I'll be teaching 2 hours of Paper Dolls and 2 hours of stick dolls...a Real Deal at $25 apiece.

For my fans in the Northeast US, I'll be showing at Wayne Art Center in Wayne, PA., ART DOLLS--EXHIBITING DIVERSITY OF FIGURE AND FORM, May 31-June 29, 2009. A whole range of my new and affordable work will be available for collectors.

One more REAL DEAL: My book, A MOMENT OF PURE JOY ON AN ORDINARY DAY IN A COUNTRY WITH 37 DIFFERENT NAMES FOR RAIN will be on sale for the month of April for the Low, Low price of $18.00. Now is your chance to complete your collection of all 4 of my books, including the Paper Doll Book, the Transformative Doll Making Book, and the New Edition of my Designing a Doll and Making Faces book.

And now: SPRITE: Should fit on 8.5x11" printer paper.



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