Thursday, February 19, 2009

Found Object Art

If I ever said, "Some day when I'm not so busy..." I think I was kidding myself. Some of us can't say "no" and don't even want to...although the last 6 weeks has been busier than usual. The new Doll Books arrived, and I was sending them all over the world...Don't worry, there are plenty left, with So Much Color and so Many Projects, you'll be Amazed and Delighted! I've been working on pieces using found objects to try to get into another of Lark's wonderful "500" books, this one for found objects, of course. This one incorporates drill bits, a broken brush and a black rubber disk I found on the street, a bone I've been hoarding for years, a ceramic face, and the silver hand that Santa Doug put in my Christmas stocking....also a great score: a bag of nicely-patined tinker toys that I found in one of the many antique shops downtown. I think it's called Artist's Work or The Artist's Hand...I'm collecting interesting titles and am open to suggestions.

Among my other tasks (besides showing up for work 4 days a week) were finishing my taxes, organizing descriptions and images for the Fiber Arts Festival taking place next door in Sequim the first weekend in October (I'm teaching 2 classes, paper dolls and stick dolls), judging fiction entries for the college literary magazine, starting my Doll Making as a Transformative Process Class online...and it seems like tooooo many other things. My massage therapist noticed right away that my body was all bound up and stuck...oh the connection between stress and health!!! If I don't shape up and stretch and relax, Barbara promised to hurt me again next time!

The Alphabet far. I used two more of the ceramic faces that Anna Wianko Chassman helped me do, pieces of driftwood, lead type. The curves of the wood suggests poses. I covered strofoam with Apoxie Sculpt and inserted the type. The fabrics sport alphabet prints. These are tall for my work, around two feet.

One of the things we've been discussing in my online class is actually going ahead and using the gems in our stashes...before we die leaving them behind, to someone else who couldn't possibly appreciate them as much as we do.

The thing I re-learned from almost drowning in self-induced stress of late is that it is Very Important to stop and rest and pay attention to one's body. I had this discussion with my tax preparer, who turned 50 last year and watched three of his friends die suddenly. Now he's seriously considering cutting back...just as soon as tax season is over. He was sick for 6 months after last year's.

Of course, now, a little over a week before my 62nd birthday, I'm also thinking about my father, who died 22 years ago tomorrow, when he was the age I am now. Makes me think about how I spend my time and telling the people in my life how much I love them...I suggest you do the same.



Blogger Patti said...

I love what you said about going ahead and using our "gems", instead of hoarding them. What a lesson in "letting go"! I find myself unwilling to commit a special object to only one permanent identity from there on... but you helped me realize that is just another way of being stuck in fear. Thank you... can't wait to work with you in May!

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