Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Being Good to Ourselves!

Oh my goodness! Today has not gone at all the way I was planning...as I got side-tracked yet again...I just realized I haven't even downloaded the pictures I was going to show you. This was some moody fog on a winter day shot from my front porch looking northeast across the end of the high school property. We've had all kinds of weather, but it's really feeling like spring now, and I've finally started to lose the holiday weight by getting distracted from eating-for-comfort. Just a minute while I empty my camera.

I'm back. My message over the last few weeks is to remember to be good to myself...and everyone to her/him self, because how can we be good to others, if we don't start with ourselves? I was working myself Way too hard and getting over-stressed by things that I had actually chosen to do...so Food being one of my Favorite Things, I made myself a lemon meringue (I can't figure out how to spell that correctly, but you see what I mean) pie with Meyer lemons...WOW!!! I'm having a piece for supper.

Having no Sweetheart (except for Will, who always comes through via email), I made myself a Valentine shrine with flowers from Katie and Barbara and a Valentine from Connie. That message facing me at every meal has made me very happy and proud.

And then out walking, another message of Affirmation with chalk on the side walk. Take Great Care of Yourselves and MAKE ART!!! YOU ARE SPECIAL!

By the way, I hear there are some spaces left in my 3-D DOLL DESIGN and WORKING WITH FOUND OBJECTS CLASS in Corvallis, OR, the first weekend in May, email: tweiss@cmug.com for more info...It's really reasonable AND a beautiful part of the country.

Another plug: My newest book, PAMELA'S DESIGNING A DOLL AND MAKING FACES INSPIRATION BOOK 2 is FaBuLoUs! Best thing to finish out the end of winter with Lots of projects and inspiration in Living Color...Go back to my Gallery.



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