Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I know that back in Burlington, VT, the revelers are thronging Church St. Here in Port Angeles, there are probably more Scandanavians than Irish, so things are pretty quiet.

I got my doll, CHILL, back from the photography session for Linda and Opie O'Bien's new book, WHO'S YOUR DADA...can't wait to see it! They kept the stuffed paper doll to the left for their own collection...one can do Wonders with Weldbond glue...and it doesn't give out toxic fumes.

I think you've seen CHILL before, made around an antique post office box and on the cover of my newest book: THE SECOND EDITION OF PAMELA'S DESIGNING A DOLL AND MAKING FACES BOOK. He stands so much better since I discovered Aves Apoxie Sculpt, which attaches Anything to Anything...just about.

I've been working on mixed-media pieces lately and will have two in the Strait Arts show at the Port Angeles Fine Arts Center, opening Sunday, March 22, 2-4.

Artist's Tools, using a bone, one of the pit-fired clay heads I made with Anna Wianko-Chasman's assistance, old tinker toys (what a find!), drill bits, a rubber disk and paint brush I found on the ground in one of my daily walks, and a silver hand I found in my Christmas stocking.

The Gold Queen is a darning form, gear, thread
spool, with fabric and paint.
I experimented
with Golden's new fabric stiffener for her
dress, then realized she needed even more
structure. I'm learning more about engin-
eering as I go along. I should be pretty
smart by the time I teach in Corvallis in May.

I've been playing with fabric construction since
I was five, but the harder materials are not quite as comfortable to me and I am grateful not to have to hammer and saw, because I can't seem to get the edges straight...Fabric is MUCH more forgiving!

Do we all find our most comfortable media and stick to them? able to tease out more exciting combinations and stories when we have the presentation skill we need?

The Transformative Doll Making class on Joggles.com is still going. Although all the lessons have been posted, there is still lots to talk about. Things like learning from our mistakes in love and doll making. Being kind to ourselves when we don't rise to meet all the expectations of family, community, and ourselves.

My brother, David, tells me that an online presence is imperative in marketing these days...I can get lost on Facebook, and get confused with what I've posted where.

I'm working on a group of patterns to send to Soft Dolls and Animals, so it's probably time for me to post another one here...next time!



Blogger Patti said...

Pamela, I am getting so excited for Corvallis! I'm going to be ready for anything... open to all. I'm also taking Linda and Opie's "Who's Your Dada" class this fall in Portland and Art & Soul... wow, I'm just so lucky! :)

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