Sunday, June 07, 2009

Class Opportunities, Exhibitions, Books

SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT: if you're anywhere near Wayne, PA, now through June 26th, Do check out this show...Support Art Dolls as worthy of gallery and museum representation.

It's an excellent chance to see my newest work up close and personal, as well as Christine Shively, elinor peace bailey, Annie Hesse, Sha Sha Higby, and more! Go and see it, take pictures, and please send me some!

One of
my many current projects (along with painting/decorating a wine barrel for FairWinds Winery--more later) is to develop one-day classes for 2010 in CT and perhaps a week-long series for Tuscany.
My goal: something that I would find fun to do.

In thinking about classes I'd like to take, the fabric journals came again to mind. What a perfect combination of paper, fabric, words, and every kind of embellishment technique known to humanity!

To do the poem on the Passion Princess cover, I emptied a whole container of poetry word beads and used all of them to construct five poem fragments on different pieces of art. This one is definitely evolving into a Romantic turn of the century melodrama, with lots of decorated fabric and beads.

Since I had been planning a class in France this summer, Romance in France seemed an appropriate second title...and when David and I go to Mexico this fall for our niece's wedding, I'll do one down there with the color and flavor of the south.

What I plan to do is show you some of my work and thoughts in progress, and get your feedback about the kinds of classes you'd like to have me teach. Self portraits have been mentioned and building abstract figures on armature wire.

I'd like to include you in my thought and design process, so give me feedback on what you'd like to see. For this page, I pieced the background, pieced the heart, did a tape transfer for the eye on the right, and a direct collage of paper onto fabric for the eye on the left and the title and picture above.

I'll show you more as the works progress. Right now, the outdoors is calling me again.

Make ART, appreciate the place where you ARE as if you were on vacation.



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