Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Read 'em and Eat Retreat

I am blessed to be one of 8 in a Very Special book group, founded by Carla, on the left, the week after she moved to Port Angeles. It is SO! SO! Important to have the continuity of a group of friends over time. We've been through a lot together, including great food and ribald jokes.

Here we are at Katie's (second from left) loading up for our first ever Read 'em and Eat retreat at Hobuck Beach. It was, I think, the first nice weekend of spring, too. There's Kim, Justine, Heather with a pile of wood, and Nancy.

Our cute cottage overlooking the beach. Sleeping eight there was tight...good thing we're all friends.
Thank goodness for Bridget's second cleaning, Katie's great curry, Bridget's chocolate fondue, Carla's gourmet breakfast...and ALL those bottles of wine!

The first activity after unloading was a hike to Cape Flattery, which must be the north western most point on the continental United States.

Katie, Bridget, and Justine stopped...to read??? What book was that?

As you can see, it's colder on the Pacific Coast than inland.

Nancy, Justine, and Heather check out the lighthouse and look for whales...we didn't spot any, even though it is the season for them to be hugging the coast and giving birth (I think).

Kim is Education Director at the Olympic Park Institute, so she explains Nature to us. Obviously I wasn't paying full attention during the whale lecture.

Kim, Nancy, and Karla examine sea life...I haven't seen sand dollars since I was a kid. My grandfather used to bring them to us from his early morning walks on the beach at Old Orchard, ME. I must have been 5, but I remember the cream cheese on brown bread (that came in a can) and salmon (also canned) sandwiches.

I did a short stick doll introduction in the afternoon and everyone was Extremely Creative in turning a few sticks and scraps into distinctive critters, with very little instruction required, then a photo session on the beach.

Kim, Carla, Heather...and me, happy to be by the sea! and with friends.

Extra bonus on the way home: Lake Crescent reflecting on itself.

And a rainbow from my front porch--actually that was the week before, as I came home from Seattle on Easter Sunday.

Sun and rain together...a Northwest specialty!

Today that poplar tree is all leafed out.



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